11 February 2014

Preventing a Mistake From Being Corrected

With apologies to Chesterton, here’s John Hawkins:

Like unions and the civil rights movement, feminism has been so successful that it has become largely irrelevant. Of course, as long as there's a buck to be made or an ego to be massaged, no movement in America ever really goes away. So liberal feminists have moved on from noble pursuits like giving women the right to vote and fighting blatant discrimination in the workplace to working overtime to keep successful conservative women from becoming seen as role models. [Emphasis added.]

The fundamental problem of conservatism, as noted before, is that it always wishes to preserve the past and is not based on any principle.  In this case, Hawkins wishes that feminism stopped around 1950.  However, feminism was and is a movement that will ultimately have to play itself out.  So, much like Pandora’s mythic box, once feminism was unleashed on the world, it could only ever progress to its destructive end.  It was never possible to channel it into something productive, useful, and wise because it was always and ever an unproductive, useless, and foolish philosophy.  As such, lauding whatever perceived good came of feminism is the same as lauding for the bad because the “good” and the bad are inextricably linked.

As such, it is nothing but short-sighted foolishness, and nostalgia for what never was nor could ever be that causes conservatives like John Hawkins to pine for the days when feminism wasn’t dreadful.  If the past was good when women first won the right to vote and have equal employment opportunities, it’s only because the destructive nature of feminism had not yet set in.  Turning back the clock only means repeating the progression that leads to destruction.