25 February 2014

The Laws of Nature are Unholy

Apparently this was too much masculinity for Boundless readers, because the very first comment blasts Bierfeldt for believing that the Bible calls men to make their intentions known and for women to respond, because, apparently, male initiation is merely a cultural aspect.  A few commenters stepped in and thanked Bierfeldt, but the comments then quickly devolved into stuff along the lines of “girls who wait for men to make moves waste a lot of time” and “the Bible isn’t a rule book” and the ultimate bitch comment by a girl who I will assume ought to remain single for the rest of her life because good men don’t deserve this kind of attitude, “Women are not things, period.”  Then some super-sperg shows up demanding Scripture references for where the Bible says that men should initiate.
It really seems like Christian singles want every marriage to be an actual miracle that defies the laws of nature.

And Slumlord:

Once you can get people thinking that spirit/mind good, flesh bad, then all sorts of interesting things become possible. Biology becomes disassociated from person-hood and its seen as something that can be overcome. It's very easy to see the analogy between some desert ascetic trying to break away from the desires of flesh to become a more fully "authentic" Christian and some homosexual male wanting to become a woman but  who is "trapped by their flesh". Both men are trying to escape the realities of their biology.
Sex and gender, likewise become disassociated: the sex being the biology and the gender being the spirit. The feminist approach to sexuality, largely opposed by traditional Christianity, is nevertheless supported by by Christianity's "real world" approach to the human person. Radical feminism is enabled by a Carnal-Lite human anthropology. Being true to biology doesn't matter if you think the flesh is bad.

Fundamentally, if you think that the flesh is unholy, then any capitulation to the flesh is sinful.  It stands to reason, therefore, that the pursuit of sex, even in marriage, is fundamentally wrong which is why, taking this idea to its logical conclusion, it would actually take a miracle for a Christian to get married.  Of course, since marriage is the avenue proscribed by God for the satisfaction of sexual appetites (which, it should be remembered, are of the flesh), there really is no point for this sort of miracle because it would only encourage people to sin by engaging in sex and thus fulfilling their physical desires.  Unless, of course, Christians are supposed to remain virgins even after they’re married.  And then how could any Christian make sense of Genesis 1:28?

Perhaps it would be best to either discard the notions of asceticism, or else not spend too much time worrying about the details.