23 June 2014

In Praise of Obama

Pat Buchanan:
What Obama has is less a foreign policy doctrine than a foreign policy disposition. He is a reluctant interventionist. 
He got us out of Iraq and is taking us out of Afghanistan. Yet he was pushed into a war on Libya that turned out disastrously and is now dipping his toe into what he has called "somebody else's civil war" in Syria. 
As for Obama's foreign policy, while the think tanks and media elite regard it as vacillating and weak, the people who gave him two electoral victories seem generally to approve. 
Broadly speaking, Americans are delighted our soldiers are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. They were passionately opposed last August to U.S. action in Syria. They dislike Iran, but like that the president is negotiating with Iran.
If there is one good thing that can be said for Obama, it's that he is very much to be preferred for his foreign policy than any of the war hawk idiots the GOP has nominated, or even considered nominating.  While Obama is still an interventionist at heart, he is nonetheless a rather reluctant one, and is to be commended for winding things down in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As for those who say that Obama is weak and vacillating in regards to his foreign policy, I'd simply like to point out a) that wars cost money and b) the US government doesn't have any to spare.  Obama's "weak" foreign policy is more a by-product of fiscal reality than personal weakness.  One, then, shudders to think just how bad things would be if McCain were in charge.