08 February 2015

Eh, Not So Much

So Yahoo! news describes Robyn Lawley as a, “model with normal body,” and then goes on to describe said body:
The thing is, when you look at Robyn Lawley, who is 6’2” and wears a size 12, you hardly see a plus sized woman. Lawley has a banging body. Not “a great plus size body” or “a great skinny body,” she just has a great body! And while plus size should not be taken as an insult, it’s just ridiculous to call this woman “plus size.” Even though Lawley has built a career as a plus size model, she has expressed that she dislikes the term, “In the beginning, I didn’t mind getting called (plus size), but I am not a plus-size person,” she said in a press release earlier this year, “I don’t think anyone should be called plus size.”
The only problem with this line of reasoning is that while the average American might be a size 12 (actually 14), the average American woman is 5’4”, not 6’2”.  Plus, given the sheer variety of women’s sizing options (see this for considerably more info), the whole notion of size 12 being average is simply useless.  The truth that everyone can see is that Robyn Lawley is not some fatass size 12 with “real curves,” but rather a relatively slender girl with pretty much ideal proportions.  She is larger, to be sure, but this is mostly a function of height and having a skeletal frame solid enough to support it.

Using a model like Robyn Hawley to make fat women feel good about themselves is nothing but disingenuous mythologizing. Most size 12 women look nothing like Ms. Hawley, and certainly need no further encouragement to maintain their probably corpulent size. If anything, Ms. Hawley’s looks should serve as an inspiration to women everywhere to lose weight and make the most of what they’ve got.  And, frankly, it’s utterly ridiculous to even suggest that just because a tall woman looks good as a size 12 means that all women will look good as size 12s.