05 March 2015

Racist Students

There's yet another front in the war on white racism:
Last month, a study documented the extent to which students use different sets of words (many of them with gender implications) to discuss their male and female professors. Now a new study looks at how students on Rate My Professors rate instructors who have Asian-sounding last names, and the results suggest that these instructors are getting significantly lower scores than those with other last names in Rate My Professors' categories of clarity and helpfulness. 
The author of the study, who also examined comments students make about the instructors, said that his findings raise questions about whether American colleges and universities are as international in outlook at they boast of being -- and whether Asian instructors are being reviewed fairly. The study -- "She Does Have an Accent But" -- has just been published in the journal Language in Society (abstract available here). 
Over all, he found that instructors with "American" last names received clarity scores that were 0.60 to 0.80 points higher than did those with Asian names (on a five-point scale), and that they received scores 0.16 to 0.40 points higher on the helpfulness scale.
Of course, the only explanation for why American students would possibly rate Asian professors as less clear and helpful than their American counterparts is the well-known intrinisc racism of Americans (especially the white devils).  It is simply inconceivable that the stereotype of Asians being less than perfectly fluent in English have any sort of a sliver of a kernel of truth to it.  Yes sir, Science has once again proved that Americans are Racist (TM).

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