23 April 2015

The Real Gender Bias

CNN reports on a new study showing there is a HUGE gender bias in hiring decisions in the United States and it has been this way in some fields since the eighties. You already knew there was gender bias in hiring (duh) but you probably did not know how bad it was. Check this out: The gender preference in hiring decisions was 2-to-1 in some areas for candidates with equal qualifications. 
That is an embarrassing number for a country that prides itself on equal opportunity. A 2-to-1 advantage is not even within driving distance of equal rights. 
By the way, this study matches my personal observations over a lifetime. I have been in countless meetings in which a strong gender preference in hiring was discussed behind closed doors. Now I feel terrible about all those conversations. I am officially part of the problem because I did nothing to stop it. 
I’m not sure if I mentioned that the study shows the gender advantage in hiring favors women by 2-to-1. That matches my experience in business. I have been in lots of closed-door meeting with other men discussing a preference for hiring women. I have never heard a man express a preference for hiring another man. Nor have I heard it in a private conversation. It makes me wonder how common my situation is.
The above situation seems fairly common to me, and roughly describes my experience with retail hiring decisions.  In fact, I advised my boss to hire a female because it would be good for sales and business.  The only time I’ve ever heard anti-female discrimination was with a contractor for whom I formerly worked.  He did upscale painting, and was adamant about his customers wanting paint crews that were clean-cut white males.  As such, he never hired women, non-whites, or any white male that looked like a drug user or convict.

Getting back to the point, I think the feminists have pretty clear won the workplace battle for the most part.  Women can pretty much work in any industry they choose because most of the people in charge are willing to bend over backwards to not appear sexist.  More to the point, there are of jobs where feminine traits are huge plus anyhow, which gives women in ingrained advantage in several areas.

Therefore, if women are being underrepresented in certain sectors of the economy, it’s probably because they don’t want the jobs at the price being paid, or they don’t want the jobs at all.  Not every woman wants a career; many are content to stay home and raise families.  Thus, it’s time to stop worry about male career privilege.  What we have now is about as good as it is going to realistically get.


  1. I would like to add that the only other reason individual women are not hired is because they are not as qualified on average for the job as the individual men are, The workplace is sexist. It is biased very much against men. Anyone saying the opposite of my most previous statement is lying either because they are deceived, delusional or malicious.

  2. Anonymous has a point. In my field there are almost no women who are qualified, so none get hired, at least at smaller companies that can't afford token employees.