21 December 2015

Strength or Defect?

I'm not gonna engage in the same tactics SJWs do when it's their tactics that make me dislike them in the first place.

NOTE:  The tactics are what make him dislike SJWs. He apparently has no problem with their ideals or objectives.
Mr. Scary Cell @gameragodzilla
If I "punch back" in the exact same manner, then there is no functional difference between me and "the enemy".
Chesterton (surprise, surprise) dealt with this very mindset some hundred-odd years ago, in his essay “Conceit and Caricature.”  To wit:
A man will plume himself that he is not bad in some particular way, when the truth is that he is not good enough to be bad in that particular way.
To illustrate this, he continues:
You are not bloodthirsty, not because you would spare your enemy, but because you would run away from him.
Are we without the fault because we have the opposite virtue?  Or are we without fault because we have the opposite fault?  It is a good thing assuredly, to be innocent of any excess; but let us be sure that that we are not innocent of the excess merely by being guilty of defect.
In a nutshell, the moderate mindset is one that attempts to rationalize a defect as a sign of moral superiority.  It’s akin to a homeless man bragging that he is not weighed down with unnecessary worry about material goods.  While the homeless man may be indeed far from materialistic, it hardly makes the laziness and drug addiction that caused his homelessness a cause for celebration.

Likewise, a moderate who lacks the intestinal fortitude to resist evil isn’t superior to those who get their hands dirty; he is merely a weakling and a coward.  Thus, while it could be true that Vox and others are perhaps a little more aggressive in their attacks of SJWs than is merited, it doesn’t follow that the man who is too weak to counterpunch is morally superior.  He is merely too weak and cowardly to put up a fight; and, ultimately, that’s a much graver defect than being too tactically aggressive.

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