07 September 2015

Book Review

In many ways, SJWs Always Lie is the sequel to The Irrational Atheist.  If the latter could be described as Vox Day taking a backhoe to the roots of the tree of lies, than the former can be described as Vox taking a chainsaw to its trunk and branches.  Atheism is, of course, the big lie from which the vast majority of the small lies—such as feminism, equality, diversity, and so forth—spring forth.  SJWs, being liars, are the practitioners of the Atheist philosophy whether they realize it or not.  In fact, the SJW orthodoxy and orthopraxy is practically to a word the communist manifesto of 1963, in which the destruction of the Christian religion was one of the stated aims.  In short, Social Justice is practiced by those who hate God and the natural order, irrespective of whether said practitioners recognize the roots of the philosophy they have put into practice.

To this end, Vox’s epigraph neatly solves answers the question of what to do with those who fight for the forces of darkness.  The answer is pretty simple:  fight back twice as hard.

Vox begins by identifying the enemy.  The prototypical SJW is a self-deputized member of the thought police, an activist for activism’s sake.  They are defined by victimhood and identity politics; indeed, this is how they determine status amongst themselves.  In a complete subversion of the natural order, higher status is given to those who are (nominally) the furthest away from possessing oppressive power.  Basically, the closer one is to be the antonym of a straight WASP conservative entrepreneurial male, the more social power one accrues in the SJW social circle.

This subversion of the natural order means that SJWs always lie, which is Vox’s first law of the SJW.  The second is that SJWs always double down (i.e. continue to lie when called out), and the third is that SJWs always project.  Because SJWs virtually always obey these three laws, their mode of attack is both easy to predict and easy to counterattack.  Vox spends a lot of time describing their methods of attack, in part because he uses #GamerGate and the Sad Puppies campaign as real-world examples.  Not surprisingly, he also spends a lot of time discussing how to counterattack.  I won’t summarize either of these points here, in part because he has done so himself, and in part because I want readers to line his pocket by buying the book out of curiosity, if nothing else.

SJWs Always Lie is a tremendously important book for the role it plays in giving conservatives and Christians—the main targets of the Social Justice Brigade—a guide on how to resist their attackers.  Intriguingly, a small amount of resistance is often enough to inspire SJWs to retreat.

While this book is a very useful guide to resisting the SJWs, it has some very serious shortcomings.  The most fundamental shortcoming is that Vox’s focus is much more political than religious.  This appears to be an extension of his personality and subsequently personal desires.

He mentions that “Truth, Liberty, and Justice” are the ideals of the anti-SJW movement, and makes no bones about allying with those who just want to be left alone to make their own games/art/whatever.  In essence, his fight for liberty as an ideal is mostly an extension of his sympathy towards those who just want to be left alone.  Furthermore, the man himself has stated on his blog that he wants to be left alone by the SJW crowd, and that he wouldn’t fight them if they simply left him alone.  He is essentially a loner that wishes to exist outside of a social hierarchy—he doesn’t want to answer to anyone, and he doesn’t want people to answer to him.  He simply wants to be alone.

Because he personally desires to live and let live, he chooses liberty as a political goal and fits his tactical prescriptions to that aim.  In doing so, he makes two serious errors.  The first is that he identifies SJWs as being politically motivated instead of religiously motivated (an amusingly ironic error, as will be obvious shortly).  Subsequently, his second error is tactical, in that he advises treating moderates with civility.  After all, his goal is to minimize social conflict and strife so as to be left alone in pursuit of his own interests, so there is little point in being more divisive than necessary, which makes him sound downright…moderate.

The root of Vox’s primary error is especially ironic because he ignores his stated first goal of the SJW, which is that they always lie, and takes them at their word that they are politically motivated.  If they always lie, then why believe that they are motivated by politics?  Even more ironically, Vox appears to be highly susceptible to believing that SJWs are politically motivated because, in this instance, his own motivations for writing this book and resisting the SJWs are political, which means that Vox is projecting his motivations onto his opponents, which astute readers will note is in complete accordance with the third law of the SJW, making Vox …an SJW?

I kid, of course, but I think Vox’s error is entirely understandable in light of his personal experience, and I don’t think his error does anything at all to undermine the tactical value of his book.  However, I think that it is far more accurate to identify SJWs as religiously motivated, rather than politically motivated, and that the religion they practice is Satanism for they are liars just like their father the Devil.

The reason that I believe SJWs are religiously motivated instead of politically motivated is because the behavior that Vox describes as intrinsic to the SJW perfectly describes the behavior of a false teacher that I know.  More to the point, I was able to witness this behavior firsthand.

Well over a year ago, a preacher by the name of Holger Neubauer began to preach the doctrine of preterism.  It was the full-blown AD 70 theory nonsense that runs counter to basic bible doctrine and teaching.  In teaching this theory, Holger managed to convince another preacher by the name of Steve Baisden to join him in teaching this heresy.  Steve and Holger then commenced to convince another preacher by the name of Scott Klaft to join them in this, then the three of them went around challenging preachers they knew to debate them on the subject.  No one would respond to them, what with them being apostate and all, so they began to brag that everyone “in the brotherhood” was too scared to debate them.  Steve felt pretty bold by this point, and began to state on his facebook page that he would debate anyone at anytime and anyplace.  When no one took him up on that offer, he began to claim that no one could refute his false doctrine, which enabled him to drag a large number of his congregants into apostasy.

About fifteen months ago, a preacher by the name of John Chowning took him on his offer to debate anyone anytime anyplace, and suggested they have a debate at IPFW in August of last year. John Chowning submitted the affirmative that “the scriptures teach that like Jesus’s resurrection from the dead, there will be a universal bodily/physical resurrection from the dead.”  Steve agreed to be in the negative and rebut Chowning’s affirmative.  This was the result:

Assuming you watched the video in its entirety, it is pretty obvious that John Chowning had a grasp of the dialectical and Steve Baisden did not.  Consequently, Steve was pretty well trounced by John, and lapsed into general incoherence.

Per the second law of the SJW, Steve doubled down.  He declared himself the winner of the debate, in spite of not ever answering any of the logical syllogisms presented and also in spite of violating the rules of formal debate (e.g. no new material in final rebuttal).  Astute observers will note that Holger, on Steve’s behalf, complained about the difficulty of making it to the debate in spite of a) having promised to debate anyone anytime anyplace and b) having agreed to the debate a couple months prior.

In the months following the debate, Steve bragged on his facebook page that everyone was still scared to debate him because he trounced John Chowning.  He has since also doubled down on preterist doctrine, and fully admits that there is no hope of resurrection.

The reason I share this story is because Steve is nominally a Christian, and is also a political conservative. In fact, his dislike of SJWs would probably rival Vox’s.  Furthermore, if you watched the whole debate, you’ll note that Steve ineptly tried to DISQUALIFY John as a political liberal.  In essence, we have a self-described Christian conservative conforming to the three laws of the SJW.  The problem is, Steve isn’t an SJW, and his behavior wasn’t politically motivated.

Thus, it should be more apparent why I say SJWs are religiously motivated.  They are liars, and children of their father the Devil, the great deceiver.  They are self-deceived liars who believe lies.  Thus, I think it an error to describe their motives as political even if the theater of war is political.
Consequently, this means Vox’s book is tactically sound but strategically suspect.  The battle is (currently) political but the war is spiritual in nature.  Those who are liars are the enemy.

This bring us back to the second error, which is the advice to treat moderates with civility.  Vox describes the moderate as “the man who only shoots at his own side, and never the enemy” and goes on to say:
Moderates merit friendly civility, but no respect.  They are often useful, if irritating allies, but do not permit them any input into strategy and tactics or decision-making.  And do not accept them as leaders except of their own moderate faction.  They are considerably worse than useless in that regard, because they are constantly trying to find a middle ground that quite often does not exist.
As tactical advice for a political battle where the goal is to beat back the SJWs in order to be left alone, this is sound advice.  As a strategy of spiritual warfare, this is unsound advice.  Those who are not for us are against us.  There is no third way in spiritual conflict, there is good and there is evil; there is nothing else.  Those who are lukewarm are no better than those who are evil. As such, it is best to treat moderates as SJWs.  They need to know, in no uncertain terms, that they must either be fully committed to defending what is True, Just and Good, or they will be counted as enemies.  Plus, if they only shoot at you and never your enemies, you are only deceiving yourself if you think these so-called moderates are anything other than your enemies.  If it walks like a duck and all…

All in all, this book is very useful, and will hopefully serve as a springboard for some very practical Christian theology of modern spiritual warfare.  It does have its shortcomings, but its tactical practicality cannot be overstated.  It’s a must-read for anyone who plans on resisting the children of the great deceiver.  Buy it and read it today.

01 September 2015

The Pathology of Cowardice

I had just started the second chapter of Vox Day's most recent book--SJWs Always Lie--when I was struck by this assertion:
Even if telling a lie is in your best interest, it would bother you to be caught lying.  It would reduce your credibility in the future, so you would avoid telling stupid and obvious lies that are bound to be exposed.  [Emphasis added, ed.]
It's true that spiritually normal people would be bothered to be caught lying, but that's not how SJWs are because SJWs are cowards at their core.  Worse yet, this cowardice starts with the best of intentions, albeit childishly naive intentions.

SJWs are human beings, which means their motives are often quite human.  In this particular instance, I'd imagine that the descent into SJWism tends to start with the typical human desire to be accepted as part of a group.

With a few notable exceptions, most human beings wish to belong to something.  Belonging is the fundamental source of human contentment.  Children wish to belong to their parents (especially fathers), which is why children from broken homes have so many issues.  Women typically wish to belong to men, which is why single women seem more neurotic than married women, and why the typical woman seems to become less neurotic after marriage.  Men also like to feel a sense of belonging, which is why they often join tribes or the modern equivalent: organizations.  Belonging to someone or something and knowing one's place within it creates a sense of peace, and the absence of belonging--isolation--creates a sense of unease.*

It is within this framework of human motivation that the seeds of SJWism are planted, for the start of this problem is that of cowardice.  Specifically, SJWs fear social ostracism, probably to an atypical degree.  Thus, if one were to be asked by his peers for his opinion on a subject, he would likely toe the group line whether regardless of whether he believed what he actually said.  He might even do this in spite of, say, having a track record of holding an opinion contrary to the group's generally held opinion on the matter.  Thus, while he might be bothered to be caught lying, he would be even more bothered to directly disagree with the people whose approval he seeks.

Thus the game is started, and thus it progresses.  One must subordinate to the group by affirming that one is just like everyone else in actions and beliefs whether one actually does and believes like everyone else.  As this progresses, words are not used to convey information, but to placate people.  The meaning of words doesn't depend on objective metrics, but on the effect they will have on the listener.  Eventually, words exist to make friends feel good and enemies feel bad.**

Unfortunately, this quickly becomes a losing game in the long run because one destroys his credibility by constantly abusing language for social gain.  One also becomes increasingly attached to the group whose approval he seeks because he has unwittingly isolated himself by his dishonesty, and so the only ones who will have anything to do with him are those for whose benefit he lies.  I suspect that most SJWs come to realize this after a fairly short amount of time, which is why they often double down in their lies.

The reason they lie in the first place is to avoid social ostracism.  Unfortunately, their lying precludes them from being part of any group but the SJW group.  They have to double down because if they don't, they will be kicked out of the SJW group and then be completely alone.  This is their greatest fear.

I also suspect that most SJWs know in their hearts that they are cowards, which is why they refer to themselves as Warriors, bravely fighting against injustice of all stripes.  They fancy themselves to be knights of the modern age, upholding the chivalric code of a keyboard Camelot.  SJWs, even in their descent into cowardice, still recognize the virtue of bravery and attempt to delude themselves into thinking that they are courageous.  They are projecting a fantasy, but even in this fantasy they still recognize virtue even if they are lying to themselves about possessing it.

Unfortunately, their actions betray them.  They destroy with words what has been built by hands.  The fabled knight, on the other hand, would destroy with his hands what had been built by words.***  SJWs are lots of talk but almost no action.  Yes, they write, tweet, post, blog, call, DDoS, etc. but this is merely words.  Their conception of justice as put into action is to "raise awareness."  Basically, they point and shriek.

At no point has any SJW done any work of substance to mitigate injustice.  They don't build schools for minorities; they don't provide food, shelter or clothing for those cruelly laid off by evil capitalist overlords; they do nothing to help the oppressed build their own business and thus escape the evil clutches of the white cis male ruling class.  Sometimes they have fund raiser drives, often quite snarkily, but it does not appear that they are ever the ones who actually do what needs to be done for those who are allegedly oppressed.  In short, they are not brave enough to actually act.  They try to hide this, though, behind a whirlwind of consciousness-raising activity.

While it is easy to have sympathy for SJWs because they just want to belong to something and are scared of rejection, it is foolish to tolerate their dishonesty and cowardice.  Just as a caring mother doesn't let her child eat a steady diet of candy and cake, a caring society should not let its members be cowardly and dishonest.

For starters, cowardice can never lead to healthy relationships.  Paradoxically, the fear of rejection guarantees rejection.^  One core insight of Game is that the man who is supplicating and works hard to not be rejected by a woman is almost sure to be rejected by her because he constantly demonstrates low value.  This applies more broadly, though, in that "men are men but Man is a woman."  Anyone who supplicates to others is broadcasting low value and will be treated accordingly.  Consequently, the most supplicative member is often the one made scapegoat.

The converse paradox is also true:  Those who display no fear of rejection are most likely to be accepted.  While it might, on the surface, seem strange for people to accept someone who doesn't care all that much about their opinion of them, it actually makes sense at a deeper level because someone who has a fairly high opinion of himself, such that he doesn't care about others' opinions, will command respect by virtue of implicitly demanding it.

Thus, it is crucial to root out cowardice where it is found, particularly among young men.  Men must have a healthy sense of self-respect in order to function in society, else they will be devolve into cowards.  A man who cannot be confident in who he is or in what he believes is not really a man; he is a puppet to be used by those who prey on the weak.

* Perhaps this is why social ostracism, aka excommunication, is the primary form of church discipline.  Perhaps this is also why God said it was not good for Man to be alone.  Maybe God knows a thing or two about his creation.

** More accurately, words intended to make the listener feel bad exist more for the benefit of signaling to friends that you are fighting the good fight.

*** That is, by a spell.

^  I generally suspect that a lot of SJWs have daddy or mommy issues, or lived through a divorce or have been sexually abused.  They strike me as miserably sad people who just want to belong to something and feel content, which is why I have a lot of pity for them.