08 January 2016

Understanding Muslims

Omar Hussain, 27, also know as Abu Saeed al Britani, is a former security guard at Morrisons supermarket who lived with his mother in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, before joining ISIS. The terrorist complains that he is particularly concerned about people stealing his shoes and unplugging his phone when it is charging. 
“Arabs as a whole have a unique culture, which differs dramatically from the western lifestyle,” he wrote. Adding: “If one is unaware of these cultural differences then it could be quite peculiar, annoying and, at times, somewhat stressful to interact and associate with them.” 
He proceeds to “list a few of their habits which Arabs are known for.” His subheadings include: “A lack of privacy for other’s space,” “Childish behavior,” “Stealing shoes,” “Etiquettes when eating,” “Getting angry” “Sleeping habits,” “The staring competition,” “Treating animals badly,” “Beggars,” “Driving ‘skills’,” and “Empty words.” 
On Arab behavior generally, he says: “Unfortunately Syrians seem to be very childish in their dealings and mannerisms in how they interact with each other. It’s not an unusual sight to see a fully grown Syrian man acting like a child and playing around with other brothers… Sometimes it may get quite hard to hold a civilised conversation with a Syrian man.”
I once dated a Muslim girl.  Early in the relationship, as we were getting to know each other, I asked her what it was like to be raised Muslim.  She told me that younger children were allowed to run around and do what they wanted with little adult supervision, and that children would often stay up late and go to be at the same time as their parents (usually around midnight).  In a word, Muslim parents are indulgent.

She also told me that Muslim schools are very unpleasant because the teachers are extremely harsh and abusive, and tend to dole out corporal punishment for even the slightest infractions.  Beatings weren’t uncommon.

It appears, from what I’ve observed, that this general pattern tends to play out in Islamic cultures generally.  The Islamic common man acts like an overgrown spoiled child.  He is selfish, inconsiderate, ill-behaved, entitled and uncivilized.  He takes without asking, and proceeds from the assumption that merely wanting something makes it his.  He is preoccupied with is emotional state and cannot handle emotional discomfort.  Consequently, it should come as no surprise that Muslim men, particularly the young men, are prone to overreact to insults (perceived and otherwise), to steal, and even to rape women.  They simply lack self-discipline and too emotionally immature to handle being denied what they desire.

Consequently, Islamic social orders are top-down and violently tyrannical because that is the only way to keep these type of people in line.  While, for example, Saddam Hussein’s tendency towards violent suppression was appalling to Westerners and decried as undemocratic, it was remarkably effective at preserving peace among fractious factions of Muslims, and bringing some degree of order to a country that was invented out of whole cloth by the British less than a century earlier. Quite simply, brutish violence is the only way to keep entitled, undisciplined in line.

What is, quite frankly, rather disturbing is how Western culture has sown the seeds of this same behavior in the current generation.  The micro aggression meme is a perfect totem of this cultural shift, as it is indicative of emotional immaturity and entitlement.  The social justice warriors who fight bravely against the injustice of culturally privileged inadvertently shaming minorities and practicing cultural imperialism are, in reality, overgrown children who are so preoccupied with their own feelings that they simply cannot handle the emotional pain of being unsettled by other people not validating their entire existence and belief system.  They are weak, mentally and emotionally, and are utterly lacking in charity and self-discipline.

The parallels between Muslims and Millennials are rather chilling, but the chief difference between them more so:  while both are mentally and emotionally soft, the Millennials are physically soft to boot.  Thus, the Muslims are brutish enough to rape and pillage while they pursue that to which they feel entitled, while the Millennials just don’t have it in them.  Muslims do their own dirty work; Millennials outsource it to gullible, foolish adults.

Ultimately, this emotional immaturity and self-absorbed entitlement is a destructive force.  It cannot build; at best it can only co-opt and pillage.  It is a force of chaos and destruction.

The universe is ordered and will not long abide disorder.  Those who will not discipline themselves to live orderly lives will have order imposed on them from above.  And painfully so.

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