28 January 2016

Victory Will Come Tomorrow

Limbaugh also says that the conservative "intelligentsia" -- in the form of conservative magazines and think tanks -- doesn't want to solve problems, it just wants to score points in an "academic exercise" within a perpetual "debating society." "In other words," Limbaugh says, "some people constantly need something to run against as a reason to exist."
Limbaugh’s observations are certainly keeping with Vox’s book, Cuckservative.  The important thing to remember about conservatives/conservatism is that it isn’t interested in winning, nor does it stand for anything in particular.  It is simply a reaction to the excess of progressivism.

By way of example, no conservative would argue that the Civil Rights Act of 1965 was bad policy.  In fact, conservatives would agree that the progressive principle of “equality” was essentially correct.  Both conservatives and progressives agree with the fundamental assumption that blacks deserve equality with whites in American society.  Where conservatives differ from progressives is where to draw the line of equality.  Conservatives say the line should be drawn at equality of opportunity; progressives say it should be drawn at equality of outcome.

Consequently, conservatives will always be doomed to lose to progressives because they don’t really have a disagreement with them.  They just have vague feelings that change is happening “too much, too fast.”  This is nowhere close to being a political principle, and thus cannot be the foundation of a successful political movement.  A vaguely-felt political Luddism simply is not enough to inspire anything other than verbose, angst-ridden National Review articles.

In keeping with this, slumlord notes:
Now, by DR, I mean the Right that has abandoned the post war conservative institutional consensus, in other words, what counts for "mainstream Conservatism" which is currently in its death throes across the Western World. The recent National Review edition against Trump is an example of the conservative consensus flailing about to keep the traditional constituency in tow. There seems to be global revolt of the rank and file against the institutional conservative establishment which increasingly fails to meaningfully distinguish itself from the Left. Furthermore, I think we've reached a sociological tipping point, in that extent of foreign migration (and its media coverage) has finally started to fuel a nativist backlash and, more importantly, the economic forces of globalisation have finally started to seriously impact upon the middle class.  Globalisation, whilst it was putting out blue collar workers was not a really issue for the Right but now that its pernicious effects are being felt in Middle Class--(politically the class that matters most)--a serious revolt has begun to brew.
Conservatism is dead, and it is doubtful it was ever alive in any meaningful sense.  It was always Progressivism light.  It was leftism, but thirty years late and extremely apologetic.

While slumlord would argue that a new conservatism (the alt-right) is taking root and will supplant progressivism, I would say that the alt-right will go the way of the current mainstream right.  Any political movement that doesn’t meaningfully disagree with the principles of progressivism is functionally the same as progressivism.  As such, it will bear the exact same fruit as progressivism, which is to say it will consume itself.

As such, I suspect that if there is to be a political revolution, it will be Regressivism.  In short, I expect a functional revolution to be comprised of people who wish to revert to historically traditional principles, such as hierarchical social structure, strict monogamy, traditional sexual mores and roles, strong ethnic identities, religious orthodoxy and strong but relatively limited government.  Basically, Europe before 1600.

This revolution would be nothing short of a complete rejection of the progressive ideals, as there is no place for equality, freedom of religion (or of the press, speech, etc.), secularism, diversity/multiculturalism, or sexual promiscuity.  I can’t help but think that most people would be much happier with this arrangement, especially women.  As such, the sooner we bury the corpse of conservatism, the sooner we can get to work on ordering society by traditional principles.

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