11 February 2016

A Taste of Things to Come

Jian Ghomeshi’s sexual assault prosecution has been the trial of the decade for men, as it’s a winner for us on every level. Ghomeshi, a former CBC radio host, bragged about being a women’s study major and male feminist. He now finds himself being prosecuted under the same matriarchal legal system he lobbied for. [Emphasis added.]
Funnily enough, if Jian were to live under, say, a Judeo-Christian patriarchal legal system, he’d also find himself being prosecuted.  Not for rape, of course, but for fornication.

Patriarchal systems really frown upon extramarital sex.  The Judeo system prescribed death for convicted adulterers, for example.  Lest readers think this sort of thing is confined merely to archaic Middle Eastern religions as they were practiced thousands of years ago, it’s worth noting that, “16 different American jurisdictions from eastern and southern had passed various statutes against fornication,” and that fornication is illegal under common law.

Of course, American laws against fornication are no longer enforced, and wouldn’t apply to the Ghomeshi case even if they were.  Nonetheless, it’s pretty hilarious that Cernovich thinks Ghomeshi’s problem is the matriarchy.

Ghomeshi’s real problem is that he is a fornicator.  Fornication is wrong.  Fornication is evil.  Fornication is bad.  To say this is to state both the obvious and the self-evident.

To put it another way, the odds that Ghomeshi would be accused of rape if he were celibate are extremely low (i.e. practically zero).  The odds that Ghomeshi would be accused of rape if he were married and sexually faithful to just one would woman would likewise be similarly low.  The more you fuck around, the more likely you are to be fucked.

There is a natural order to the world, and those who rebel against it will face rather predictable consequences.  Pain, heartbreak, humiliation, shame, mockery and punishment are reserved for those who violate the natural order of things.  Fornicators, liars, adulterers, pedophiles, homosexuals and all others who rebel against and otherwise undermine the natural order will ultimately find themselves in a world of shame, pain and despair.  Most rebels will get a taste of the consequences to come in this life.  Those who are wise will repent and be reconciled.

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