31 December 2010

Cutting Corners

And using the signature of a dead person sure looks like perjury to me (can't swear to what you can't see because you're dead!) along with "uttering" - that is, forgery. 

It has to be forgery since the person is dead, right?

"When you see corner-cutting like this, it's alarming," Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson said about the Kunkle case.

The State Attorney General for Minnesota calls this corner-cutting?

For some reason, I doubt that I would be able to spin holding up a liquor store into “cutting corners” to Ms. Swanson.  And yet, were I a bank who foreclosed on the same liquor store by forging the signature of a dead person on an affidavit of a foreclosure suit, I would probably get away scot-free.

This country is a rotting, festering corpse.  It’s time to wake up to this new reality.  Now.

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