30 December 2010

Long Live the Proles

Citizen Renegade delineates on the differences between proles and SWPLs:

Low class antics aside, working class proles are, by and large, honorable people. SWPLs are clever neutered ciphers. The average small town prole is much more genial than the typical urban SWPL, and more generous of spirit as well. When charitable giving is on the line, or when it’s a friendly voice and a warm smile you need, proles step up to the plate. SWPLs, meanwhile, are busy quipping like French aristocrats trying so SOO hard to impress their fellow SWPLs.
Proles are the backbone of vital enterprises like the military, but they could learn a thing or two from the culturally advanced classes. Of course, being proles, they probably don’t give a shit about impressing the SWPL schoolmarms, or they at least act like they don’t give a shit. And quite frankly, I don’t blame them for eschewing SWPL tastes. Aside from the aesthetics, what is there to admire in such a repugnantly self-regarding group of irony-pimping, snark-spitting, transnationalist, post-American lifestyle whores?

Having been raised by prolish parents,* and having spent my life around and among the proletariat, it is very easy for me to understand them and enjoy being around them.  Sure, I never really spend much time debating the finer points of, say, The Arabian Nights with them.  On the other hand, I’ve never met a SWPL who could help me work on my car.

In general, I prefer being around proles because a) they know how do useful things, b) they have no problem teaching me to do said useful things, c) they are mostly honest, d) they are incredibly generous, and e) who doesn’t love motorcycles?

* Note:  I tend to divide proles into upper and lower classes.  The upper proles are basically educated rednecks, whereas lower proles are stupid rednecks.  Their tastes are similar, but their behavior is not.

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