31 December 2010

Top Ten Movies of 2010

I’m not really a movie person, so coming up with this list was difficult.  In fact, the only movie I saw in theaters this year was Inception.  Without further ado:

10. From Paris With Love.  John Travolta stars in this highly entertaining action flick.  The director is the same guy who directed Taken.  The story isn’t particularly unique, but this film serves as the perfect serving of summer action junk food.

9.  The Dawn Treader.  Including this film is mostly obligatory out of respect for C.S. Lewis.  The film is mediocre at best, and strays away from the book in the most unsatisfactory.  Of course, it’s unlikely that Lewis intended to turn this into a movie, so some sympathy towards the filmmaker is necessary.  However, the fact remains that the book is measurably superior.

8.  Shutter Island.  Basically, this film is the Scorsese version of Inception.  Like its counterpart, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, features an ambiguous ending, and focuses on the theme of determining reality.  Thanks to M. Night Shyamalan, it is no longer possible to be completely surprised by any filmmaker’s attempts at twist endings, but this movie makes a good effort.

7.  Salt.  Jason Bourne with breasts is probably the most accurate way to describe this film.  Mind you, this is a compliment, since the Bourne trilogy is spectacular.  And, Angelina Jolie is smoking hot.  The plot is predictable and shopworn, but no one cares because it’s an action film starring Angelina Jolie.  Ultimately, it’s an entertaining way to burn a couple of hours.

6.  Iron Man 2.  The story isn’t as sharp as the first one, but Robert Downey, Jr. still dazzles.  Like all good movies based on comic books, there are plenty of explosions, fights, and hot chicks.  Downey is perfectly suited for the role of Tony Stark, and this shines through the screen.  Gwyneth Paltrow reprises her role as the charming Pepper Potts.  The rest of the supporting cast does an incredible job, helping the movie to rise above its weak story.

5.  Date Night.  The plot is shallow and predictable, but no one cares because it’s Tina Fey and Steve Carell.  Both do a wonderful job in this film, though the chemistry isn’t quite up to par.  Additionally, both get an opportunity to show off their comedic chops, which makes for a pretty funny movie.

4.  Harry Brown.  Michael Caine plays an ex-military badass who goes around beating up young thugs who harass the elderly.  Sure, the story is unbelievably far-fetched, but you don’t care because Alfred gets to play Batman for once.

3.  The American.  George Clooney at his finest, this time providing a character study, so aspiring actors sit up and take note.  The backstory is rather nebulous, which suits me just fine.  The main story, though, is somewhat predictable. That doesn’t really matter, since, ultimately, the movie is about the man.

2.  The Book of Eli.  Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, and Gary Oldham team up in this dystopic wunderfilm.  Society has collapsed, and all books have disappeared, save for those being curated by a secret group.  Denzel’s character must make his way there, for he carries the last copy of the Bible.  Along the way, he picks up Mila Kunis, and battles Oldham’s henchmen.  The movie is both incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking, making it the perfect way to while away a rainy afternoon.

1.  Inception.  Christopher Nolan is the best director of the modern era.  Inception is proof of that.  The movie is layered and complex, yet still remains understandable.  The story is original, flows well, and remains highly entertaining.  When you’re done watching it, you will begin questioning the meaning of reality.  Also, you will never dream the same way again.

That’s the list.  Use the comments to tell everyone what you thought this year’s best movie was, and what movies should have made the list.

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