16 January 2011

How to Kill a Society

Under the married women property act a husband has no jurisdiction over his wife's property and income. Under the income tax he is responsible for her taxes. If the taxes are not paid, the husband, not the wife, is imprisoned. Mrs. Wilks refused to pay her income taxes--$185--and her husband was locked up. He will spend the rest of his life in prison unless the wife pays or the laws are changed. When at liberty he is a teacher in Clapton."
Further down the rabbit hole we go. Silly me to have made the assumption that if a woman was owning property that she alone was also directly responsible for that property. The income tax law implications are a whole other can of worms and how those work in relation to women property laws is where it really gets interesting.  When a woman is mad at her husband or is demanding something, how easy it is for her to threaten him or to directly go ahead and not pay the taxes on her property, if he won't comply with her wishes. What does she have to loose?  [sic] Nothing.

The easiest way to kill a society is to divide it into two parts, and tell one side that they can take whatever risks they want and the other side will bear the risk.  We see it in the example here, played on into modern American society.  We see it in the numerous bailouts given to the banks, auto companies, and God knows who else (I say that because it seems likely that God may be the only who actually knows every company that received bailouts.)  We see it in the social welfare system.  We see it in America, and we see it today.

As Captain Capitalism is fond of saying, enjoy the decline!


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