31 January 2011

Paragraphs to Ponder

Deansdale is back, and with a punch:

There is no such thing as an “alpha woman”. What is a coherent concept about males is fractured beyond any meaningfulness when used on females. Feminists pushed women into the hierarchy of men by forcing women into the workplace but they didn’t realize that by doing this they actually became men in a way: the status they acquired is men’s social status to attract a wife, and it cannot be used to attract a husband. They fought for status but didn’t recognize that the price for it was way too high. It’s not a difficult concept to understand though; the more they fight to rise in the male hierarchy, the more male-like they have to become, thus losing their feminity and in turn they become less and less attractive to men. Dominant women are unattractive to men, I’d even say outright repulsive. Not because “men are afraid of strong women” – which is the usual feminist BS showing they don’t understand even the most basic concepts about relationships – but because a dominant woman is a pain in the ass. Evolution is a tricky business; it shaped men to fight against anything to protect his family. But dominant women fight against everything, including their family. No sane man wants that at home. Dominance in women is not a positive trait, no matter what feminists say.

Notice especially how he handles the hackneyed canard that “men are afraid of strong women.”  This claim is pure nonsense.  Men dislike “strong” women because “strong” women are annoying at best and a complete migraine at worst.

By the way, ladies, if you want to attract men, don’t ever talk about how strong or independent you are.  When a man hears that, all he thinks is “unmanageable feminist.”  We men simply see “strong” and “independent” women as a pain to be with.  Thus, saying these things is akin to trying to bait fish with dog feces.  It just doesn’t work.

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