11 January 2011

Preselection Bias

When I first learning about game, one of the things that surprised was how average looking girls would get far more attention than attractive girls, and how the average girls would behave like attention whores while the attractive girls tended to be reserved.  The attractive girls weren’t necessarily acting stuck up, but they couldn’t seem to get guys to talk to them.  Naturally, this was a very puzzling phenomenon at the time, but I think I’ve solved it.

There are, as I see it, two aspects to this behavior:  women’s realization of their true market value, and the general beta tendencies of men.

Average-looking women know that they don’t have much market value, relative to more attractive women.  As such, they tend to compensate by being more available, sexually, and by having a more-engaging personality.  They also tend to make a point of lapping up attention when it comes their way.  They know they won’t have very many occasions when they have several guys vying for their attention all at once, so they maximize the utility they derive from this occurrence every time it comes around.  As such, they have a very accepting preselection bias.

Average-looking women also know that they will not be able to get alphas, at least in the sense of a committed long-term relationship.  If they are “lucky,” they may get a one night stand, but that’s usually about it.  And thus, it is a great power rush for them when several betas are competing for their attention at once.  Therefore, their attention-seeking behavior is understandable. (Quick aside:  ever notice how betas around women act like women around alphas?  All of them compete for the same girl, as if relying on social proof.  I guess that’s what happens as men become more feminized in American society.)

But why don’t attractive women behave the same way?  The short answer is that they don’t have to.  Women, in general, prefer alphas to betas, but also, deep down in the inner recesses of their hindbrain, know that they would be unable to stay with any man whose sexual market rating was significantly higher than their own.  The truly attractive women know they can get alphas, so they are unlikely to give betas the time of day.  The preference for alphas is their own preselection bias.  Their behavior makes sense in light of signaling theory, since women would derive no benefit from signaling to “unfit” parties that they are unavailable.  Thus, even if attractive women want attention, they only want attention from alphas, and generally do not want to be bothered by betas, and is therefore the reason they do not engage in attention-seeking behavior.

The final reason that average-looking women get more attention than attractive women is due to the preselection bias of men, specifically betas.  As Assanova has often noted, game begins within.  Most betas lack self-confidence, which makes it more difficult for them to go up to attractive women and approach them.  In essence, then, they take themselves out of the running.  Thus, it makes sense that attractive women try to appear less available; they rely on men to disqualify themselves first.  Incidentally, this is the most efficient way to determine mate suitability.  Betas will then focus on the woman they think is closer to their own perceived value, which usually tends to be an average-looking girl.

This, then, is how the perfect storm is created.  Average-looking girls have lower standards for men, and are more willing to seek attention from men.  The men, mostly betas, disqualify themselves from being with the attractive girl and focus their attention of the average-looking girl, who is all too happy to eat it up.  The attractive girl is left out because she doesn’t want attention from betas, and because betas are too intimidated by her.

There are two conclusions to be drawn from this.  First, average-looking women are likely predisposed to attention-seeking, making them difficult targets.  Second, the only game you really need with attractive girls is the testicular fortitude to say hello coupled with the ability to carry a conversation.

Go forth with confidence.  Ignore the plain, seek the beautiful.  And don’t be surprised when you get it.  After all, you deserve it.

Note:  These observations are confined to “day game” situations.  As such, women are not going to be getting many favors from betas (there are simply no opportunities), and would thus have no use for them.  Furthermore, betas tend to be in an even more serious mindset than normal, which exacerbates their fear.  By the way, men, if you have decent game, you should be able to clean up at day game, since your competition is a joke.


  1. So true. I have a couple girlfriends who are model-types and they hit on all the time(in a rude manner--like honking horns, or yelling across the street, or being grabbed in clubs) I think that can be a reason why they are so shy and reserved when it comes to actually talking to guys.

    But your right, a guy just needs to be 'nice' and go up and have a conversation with her like she's a normal person(AKA not stare at her breasts, or tell her how amazingly gorgeous she is and how much you want to be with her) and they can get a number.

  2. I think one of the things that gets lost in the discussion of Game is how being bold doesn't mean being obnoxious. Simply act like a normal human being that's talking to another normal human being. That you treat a hot girl like she's normal is itself a subtle neg.