04 January 2011

This is Brilliant Marketing

Having recently discovered the site amirite.net, I thought I would try my hand at it.  When I submitted a post (a reference to "Runaway" by Kanye West), I was prompted to submit a captcha code in order to verify that I was not a spambot.

The site's brilliance is shown in how they turned the captcha into an advertisement.  Users who wish to post must type the sponsored text into the box in order to continue.  Sponsors take advantage of this opportunity by putting their catchphrase or tagline in the captcha box, which users are forced to copy.  This makes the brand extremely "sticky" (my captcha was sponsored by Expedia), which is exactly what advertisers want.

A quick lesson to be learned from this is just how impressive markets truly are.  Someone out there has found a way to blend security features with advertising, which is a double benefit to site visitors.  Let's see a government bureaucracy come up with something so simplistically brilliant.

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