16 January 2011

A Word on Presentation

Assanova has harped on the subject of dressing well for a while, and now Mashable brings this story to our attention:

Time magazine coverboy and billionaire Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been named one of the 10 worst-dressed guys of 2010 by Esquire magazine.
When Esquire was putting together its “2010 Celebrity Style Hall of Shame” list, it didn’t have to look far in the tech world to find plenty of candidates. Mark was easy prey to Esquire‘s critical eye, given his high profile and simple wardrobe.

Follow the link and go through the pictures.  Yes, I know he’s a billionaire and owns a tech giant.  He still dresses like a Midwestern teenage man-slob.

The simple fact of the matter, guys, is that t-shirts and jeans aren’t attractive.  They are sloppy and lazy, and indicate that the wearer thereof is sloppy and lazy, and generally doesn’t care about himself; ergo, the wearer of said clothing has no self-respect.  I’m exaggerating, but just barely.

Want to have a better chance with the ladies?  Wear something nice.  When I was taking classes on campus, there were only two guys that I knew of who wore something other than t-shirts and jeans on a regular basis:  myself and Will.  And every time I wore a tie to class, there would be at least six girls who would talk to me immediately.  And I didn’t even have game at the time.

Moral of the story?  It may be that the only thing you need to propel yourself ahead of other guys is a wardrobe change.  Just give it a try.

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