22 February 2011

I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

The WSJ reports some disheartening news:

Young women are outpacing men in educational attainment and there’s little sign males will make up ground any time soon.
Nearly one in four women had earned a bachelor’s degree by the time they reached age 23, compared to just one in seven men, the Labor Department said Wednesday. And while a growing share of professions are expected to require a college education in the future, men don’t appear poised to make up the education gap.

So, women are going to be the primary breadwinners in the future.  That’s not going to be a good thing at all.

First, as women begin to earn even more than men, they will have greater and greater power.  “Grass huts” is the best way to describe what happens when women get power.  As can be imagined, this will not end well.

Second, most men will largely drop out of the labor market, except to earn that which is necessary for food, porn, and entertainment.  The niceties of life, upon which so many of us seem dependent, will largely go away, and everyone’s standard of living will decline.  This will not end well either.

At least we all will have plenty of grrl power, which will undoubtedly help us make it through the dystopic future.


  1. 1 in 4 women are going to be saddled with more debt than they can pay off, and a worthless degree.

    You go grrls!

    Prospects of marrying a man they view as superior approaching zero.

    I see this as self correcting since they will be breed out of existence in a couple generations.

  2. Also expect to see a huge explosion of young marriages hitting divorce. I remember about ten years ago talk about "first marriages" like they were first dates. That will be the norm.

  3. the statistics are similar here in Canada as well. Not to disparage women, but it is clear that we have evolved to meet the requirements of certain roles. Women holding a large percentage of leadership and decision making positions will prove to be disastrous in the long run. It's just one of the many things that will kill us.

  4. There are degrees and there are degrees. A degree in office admin is not like a degree in nuclear physics.

  5. @Social Pathologist- While very few, if any, women will attain a degree in nuclear physics, the same is true for men. Furthermore, there are not very many jobs in the realm of nuclear physics. There are far more jobs in business administration, which is why these stats do not bode well for the future. Sure, the vast majority of future nuclear physicists will be men, but nuclear physicists will make up a very small portion of the future workforce.

  6. I am not so sure about that Simon.

    If you have a worthless degree and unemployment above 20%, there is no reason to hire you.

    Someone has a degree in office in admin. So frickin what?

    That makes you qualified to do what? administer an office?

    That's one of the first jobs I'd cut.

    Its like all the degrees in psychology that women have.

    If no one can afford counseling, no one will go.

    What I see is a bunch of women getting degrees that don't do anything and getting a lot of debt on top of that (I know several women in this position) they are not good for marriage because of this.

    I even try and desuade people from accumulating this amount of debt and they seem oblivious, even when I ask them: Are there jobs out there for people with this degree?

    And they acknowledge that there aren't many.

    this bubble is going to pop at some point. It has to.

  7. @Simon

    What I should have said is that being credentialed is not the same as being educated. With regard to the intellectually demanding professions, men still predominate in those fields.

  8. @Social Pathologist- sorry about misunderstanding you on that. Of course, being credentialed is not the same as being educated. Unfortunately, the American government has decided that employers attempting to directly test for intelligence/education/competence is racist/sexist, and so employers must generally rely on different market signals to determine a candidate's quality, and credentials fit that role. While most female workers aren't necessarily better than male workers, the sheepskins they possess say otherwise.

  9. @Country Lawyer- "If you have a worthless degree and unemployment above 20%, there is no reason to hire you."

    Well, the U6 puts unemployment at 17%+ right now, although I'd be willing to bet that it gets revised up eventually. College grads are getting hired, but mostly at low-end jobs, or in low-qualification jobs, since they can be hired on the cheap. Their credentials are largely superfluous.

    However, the broader point of my post, which I should have done a better job of making clear, is that of the timing of this shift. In the short term, before the bubble pops, women will attain higher employment rates than men (and this is already seen now). This gives them more power, and enables them to set themselves up to retain their power.

    After the bubble pops, most men will find employment either impossible or largely unnecessary, and so that portion of the workforce will fade away. I highly doubt that women are willing or able to replace the men at some of these jobs (like sanitation engineer, e.g.), and so everyone's standard of living declines.

    One thing's for sure: when the bubble pops, very few men will be in a position to win. As such, the decline is inevitable, and will be miserable.

  10. I did a lot of research when I wrote a post about the 'glass-ceiling' which is somewhat of a self perpetuating cycle, but it did mention about more women out earning men degree wise.
    *sorry, I'm too lazy to find it and quote you some facts!

    But don't worry, men still make more money and they still have higher positions within the companies, so females are unlikely to out-earn men unless--they're under 30, single, and white.

    LOL it does suck being a student tho, I'm just trying to meet a man with some ambition so naturally I thought my campus would be the right place, but the place is crawling with women! Sadly I'm not enough of a feminist to switch teams, so I'm losing hope!

  11. @rachelnico- There's a book called Why Men Earn More by Warren Farrell, and the thesis of the book is that the aggregate pay gap between men and women can be explained by aggregate labor choices (women work fewer jobs, work fewer off-hour jobs, work fewer "risky" jobs, etc.) However, where qualifications and jobs were similar/"identical," women actually out-earned men.

    I don't know how much longer men will out-earn women given the current trends in credentialism (aka education). Women will probably end up earning more then men in the aggregate as fewer men will be employed, and those that are employed will likely be employed in low-skill jobs. There will still be some alpha males who will work, and they will likely be at the high end of the pay scale, so the "glass ceiling" will still be in effect. In essence, women will make up middle management while upper management remains mostly a boys' club. The poorly paid worker drones will be mostly male.

    This should result in shutting most men out of the sexual marketplace. The alpha males who own/lead the large companies will end up having harems. And none of this bodes well for the future.