08 February 2011

Where Are All the Good Women?

One of the more common laments in the man-o-sphere is about the dearth of “good  women,” presumably preferring to the ideal woman who is naturally submissive, physically attractive, spiritually-minded, and is good at taking care of the home.  This ideal woman is, essentially, a cross between the woman described in Proverbs 31 and the woman described in the Song of Solomon.  Note also that these descriptions are divinely inspired, which means that this description of the ideal woman has God’s stamp of approval.

And also note that this woman is exceedingly difficult to find:

Who can find a virtuous wife?  for her worth is far above rubies.

As King Lemuel asks this question in Proverbs 31, it is important to keep in mind that he asks it as sort of rhetorical lament.  He, like men even today, complains about the absolute dearth of good, virtuous women.  There truly is nothing new under the sun.

Furthermore, notice the value that King Lemuel ascribes to this woman:  “her worth is far above rubies.”  This suggests that this type of woman is so exceedingly difficult to find that her worth (price) indicates a severe shortage.  To use economic parlance, the demand for virtuous women is exceedingly high and the supply is exceedingly low which has resulted in an incredibly high market price.

Now, at this point, the intelligent wife-seeking man will realize that he has a couple of options.  He can increase his market value, as it were, to the point where he has the ability to acquire for himself a virtuous wife, or he can simply adjust his goals to his actual market value.


  1. If a man is fortunate to be born in a first world country, he can make full use of his market value by having the whole world as his market.
    Rubies are incredibly difficult to find, and if one can't find them in their own country, surely they can be found in distant lands. I found my ruby in Japan.

  2. And that's a good point to make as well. There's no reason to limit your search to a small part of the globe.

  3. Men need to find their happiness outside of western countries now. Lots of good, sweet women. Just don't take them back to the west.

  4. @Alcuin- That thought crossed my mind briefly when I was in India, but as I got to know the some of the local girls I realized that sort of mindset is incredibly impractical. First, female nature is a constant across the globe. Second, it's extraordinarily difficult to emigrate out of the west.

  5. "difficult to emugrate"

    Not difficult, just expensive. It took me 18 years of saving-- but Ameriwhales are no opportunity

  6. @Man Who- saving for that long doesn't exactly strike me as easy. Anyhow, did you find the tradeoff to be worth it?

  7. One problem with saving up money and then emigrating is that one's body might be old and weak by the time one has emigrated.

    Sex drive can decline rapidly with age.

    I have had to pass up a few opportunities due to simple lack of enthusiasm.

    Another issue is whether one emigrates to spend one's savings or to work at wage-slavery.

    If one works at wage-slavery, one might not have the energy to pursue women.

  8. I've heard numerous stories about finding a great woman abroad. I've also heard an equal number of stories of how she turned into an Ameriskank within two years of coming to the US.

    Marry abroad. Stay abroad.

  9. @Zorro- that, or keep them under tight wraps if you bring that back home.