28 October 2011


Game, fundamentally, is more than a way of seducing a girl; it’s a social tool.  This simple observation was reaffirmed for me today while I was out shopping.

I was inadvertently roped into an impromptu shopping outing (don’t ask), and I had little desire to go into women’s clothing stores.  So, while my companions browsed through their various stores of choice, I wandered into a couple of other shops I found more interesting.

One of these shops was Dollar Tree.  For those unfamiliar with this chain, Dollar Tree is a store that sells a wide variety of goods for the price of one dollar.  Nothing costs more than one dollar, and very few things cost less.  I found several interesting items worth purchasing (most notably an air horn), and so I made my way to the checkout line, which was being worked by a woman.

The woman ahead of me in line was older, and quite clumsy.  While checking out, she inadvertently elbowed me, an apologized right away.  I said nothing.  I’m pretty longsuffering, and it doesn’t bother me much when someone accidentally inconveniences me in a minor way.  However, I don’t want to be a pushover, so I also don’t go out of my way to give off the impression that it’s okay to inconvenience me.

Anyhow, this woman, as she was gathering her bags, stepped on me.  Again she apologized, and said “I guess I’m just trying to get you.”  I paused, as is my wont, and then said in my typical deadpan manner “well, you’re not the first woman to say that to me today.”  She laughed, as did the cashier and the three other women in line behind me.  One of the women in line behind me said something to the effect that she could see how lots of women would want to get me, and all the other women occurred with her.

The moral of this story is that Game is not only a social tool at its core, but that it rarely needs to consist of anything more than confidence and a sense of humor.  Those two things in tandem are often enough to make social interactions go much more smoothly.  Therefore, go forth in confidence and good humor.

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