12 November 2011

Read This Now!

I wish I had written this but credit is due to Keoni Galt for this masterpiece of a blog post.  Here are some excerpts:

Many writers and commenters in the anti-establishment/politically incorrect sphere of teh interwebz oft note how feminized many Christian church's have become. That was the case of the church I grew up in, where men are demonized and women lionized on their pedestals of spiritual purity and moral superiority. Where the men commonly talked about their wives and referred to them as "their better halves."
This state of affairs is precisely why men have been driven from the church. It's why I left as soon as I was a teenager tired of being shamed and branded with the scarlet M in my particular sect I was born into.
And apparently I tuned in right in the middle of some evangelical mangina blowhard raising holy hell from his broadcast pulpit, exhorting husbands for their failures in leadership and not taking care of their wives is the root of so many marital problems. It contained all of the stereotypes regularly pointed out in the manosphere regarding the feminization of the modern church.
I tuned in right as he began to discuss Ephesians 5:22 and how it doesn't mean what men "thinks it means." He then went on to explain what the verse means: that men and women in marriage are to be in mutual submission to each other.
In my opinion, there is a key point of discernment in understanding which preachers and pastors are teaching the false doctrine of Feminism disguised as Christianity - any preacher or pastor that seeks to soften, change or redefine the verse of Ephesians 5:22 to mean something other than what was plainly written: Wives submit to your husbands as unto the Lord so as to shame men and appeal to women, is a false teacher.

Here's the problem as I see it. Mass media broadcasting evangelists seem far more concerned with raising donations, selling books and DVDs and pimping for speaking fees and guest appearances at Churches than they are in actually preaching Biblical TRUTH.
This is the worship of Mammon. Worst of all, they've commercially packaged the materials that subvert Biblical truths and promulgate false doctrines to sell it to Pastors, Evangelists, Reverends and any other leader that listens to Corporate Christian radio and lets these lying liars lead them astray so they in turn can lead their own congregations astray.
I think this is one way in which feminism was able to weasel it's way into the doctrine of many corrupted Christian denominations. Feminism sells well, because it tells many women the lies they want to hear. Women who otherwise believe they are good Christians, and that submitting to their husbands has nothing to do with being a good Christian. And these women rule their homes and seethe in contempt for their beta-ized husbands and their "mutual submission."
In my humble opinion, if you ever hear any Preacher, Pastor or any other proclaimed Biblical authority make the case that Ephesians 5:22 does not mean Men are not the authority in the home, you are listening to the false doctrine of a church dedicated to the worship of Feminism and of Mammon, and not God THE FATHER.

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