15 November 2011

Why Do Think They Can Control You?

The Australian government has a new, sexy ad campaign for cigarettes:
Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon today released the Gvernment's [sic] proposed legislation for the initiative as it continues the fight to reduce smoking related deaths in the community.
"This plain packaging legislation is a world first and sends a clear message that the glamour is gone - cigarette packs will now only show the death and disease that can come from smoking," she said in a statement.
"The new packs have been designed to have the lowest appeal to smokers and to make clear the terrible effects that smoking can have on your health."
And why are they doing this, you ask?  Because:
Smoking kills 15,000 Australians a year and costs the community about $31.5 billion annually, the Gvernment [sic] says.
Why does the Australian government think it can control its citizens like this?  Because the Australian government is footing the bulk of its citizens’ health care costs.

Now, as I’ve said many times before, if the government is going to assume the risk of health in the form of paying for it, then it is reasonable for said government to attempt to reduce costs.  That is why there are bans and taxes on smoking, fatty foods, and drugs.  These things cause the cost of health care to increase and it is only natural for the government to want to reduce the health costs that these things inevitably impose. 

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.  You cannot have one without the other.  If Australians (or anyone else, for that matter) desire to be free from the government’s interference in something as mundane as cigarettes, it is reasonable to ask those people to forego government-subsidized health care.  If you want the freedom to smoke, you must accept the responsibility to deal with the consequences.  The two things are inseparable.

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