12 December 2011

It’s a Feature, Not a Bug

There is a core group of female characteristics that is most vexing to men:
-Emotional weakness
-Lack of introspection
-Lack of logic and reason
It is important to know that these are female characteristics hard-wired into the female brain. They will never, ever go away. Perhaps one of my readers will delve in the evolutionary psychology behind this. With that in mind, it’s utterly pointless to waste our precious time on telling women to behave better. Complaining about these characteristics (I am guilty of this, too) makes us appear, well, feminine.

And to touch on something I wrote earlier:

In a sense, Peter is arguing that their relative fragility is evidence of their value, and so women should not be viewed with contempt but with concern.  In many ways, hating women for being weaker than men is like hating crystal for being weaker than Tupperware.

There are many differences between men and women.  Many of the things women do seem quite illogical and counterproductive.  Sometimes they are quite selfish and morally oblivious.  And sometimes they get upset over the pettiest of things.  And yet, these are features, not bugs.

Women are supposed to be like this.  Women are supposed to act irrationally, be emotionally weaker, be more self-centered in their plans, etc.  They act that way by design.

I’m not entirely sure why.  I suspect it’s because God wanted men to have a taste of how he views mankind.  As women appear generally irrational, selfish, and weak to men, so does mankind appear the same way to God.  As women frustrate men, so does mankind frustrate God.  And as women can have moments of loving service and reverence to men, so too does mankind have moments of loving service and reverence toward God.  I suspect, then, that God designed women the way he did so that we as men have a brief glimpse of what it’s like to be God.

I also suspect that God wanted men to have some way to be amused.  After all, there were no televisions in the garden.

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