06 January 2012

Democracy In Action

When will these silly Republicans learn that the only way their votes count is if they’re cast for Romney:

Prominent conservative leaders want their rank and file to quickly get behind a single presidential candidate, fearful that persistent splits will help Mitt Romney win the Republican nomination.
The former Massachusetts governor narrowly won the Iowa caucuses when conservative voters divided their support among several challengers, and the worry is that the same thing will happen in South Carolina, Florida and beyond if Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry all stay in the race.

Aside from Ann Coulter, I can’t think of a single Republican or conservative pundit who likes or is willing to endorse Romney.  The guy just can’t get any love from his part base.  The leaders love him, to be sure, and I guess big business and banksters love him as well.  But everyone else seems to hate him.

One thing is pretty sure though:  his candidacy will be the perfect litmus test for determining whether democracy is still alive.  If he gets the nomination, democracy is dead; if he doesn’t, it isn’t.

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