11 January 2012


In the “Live Free or Die” state, the citizens have overwhelmingly elected to die, what with Romney getting around 38% of the vote.  Ron Paul finished second, with 23%.  Huntsman was third with 17%, and Gingrich and Santorum finished with less than 10% apiece. Rick Perry received a statistically insignificant number of votes.

Gingrich should be done by this point, as he does not have the money to compete with Romney or Paul, and he is not running anywhere close to them.  Huntsman still has a chance to be the next not-Romney, but this doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Santorum is fading, but not out yet; he’ll be out soon, though.  This should be it for Perry.  Ron Paul can still run, and might even improve his standing as the rest of the field drops out, but it seems unlikely that he will be able to overcome the GOP bosses’ Stepford candidate.

As I’ve said before, the wonderful thing about democracy is that the citizens get the leaders they deserve.


  1. Most people are idiots. However, let's look at it a different way: one-quarter of voters in New Hampshire support Ron Paul, giving him a solid 2nd place win. He's more electable than anyone else in the race, which means that on a national stage he would compete effectively against Obama.

    The establishment trembled.

  2. Largely agree with you Simon, except the "the citizenry gets what it deserves" bit.

    While I grant you this is true in the aggregate, the very fact that a quarter of the participating populace is supporting RP despite the dominant "he's not electable, he's a loony/crank/racist/antisemite/homo-hater/etc" narrative suggests to me that not everyone is signing up for serfdom.

    I see how well RP is doing, and it is encouraging. I don't think he stands a snowball's chance either, but the electorate is signalling their unhappiness with the current status quo.

  3. @DW- The establishment may have trembled, but it also has contingency plans. They tend to be effective, especially since they are predicated on the assumption that most people are idiots.

    @EW- My general belief is that those who aren't currently signing up for serfdom (i.e. voting for Ron Paul) generally have contingency plans for avoiding it. While it would be sad to see those few who support freedom be taken into serfdom, I think most of them will find a way to avoid it.