15 January 2012

Lip Service

Jonah Goldberg, ladies and gentlemen:

Contrary to liberal talking points, conservatives don't oppose government per se. If we did, we wouldn't glorify the Constitution as much as we do. After all, the one thing the Constitution does is create the federal government.

Conservatives are just like liberals in that their glorification of the constitution consists solely of lip service.  Precious few conservatives actually know any basic facts about the constitution, and few can quote it verbatim.  Most are unfamiliar with any of the basic principles and rules contained therein.

Beyond that, conservatives obey the constitution only when it suits them.  When it does not, they ignore and do what they want.  They are, to be repetitive, just like liberals.

Another key piece of evidence that shows just how little regard conservatives have for the constitution is how they ignore the one presidential candidate who actually has a history of defending, upholding, and abiding by the constitution.  Instead, they support statist candidates who love big government and refuse to uphold and defend the constitution.

As such, conservatives’ claims to love the constitution ring a little hollow.


  1. Left and right, conservative and liberal, Democrat and Republican - two sides of the same tarnished coin.

  2. @Carnivore- and a coin without value, at that.

  3. I voted for Dr. Paul in 2008 while the rest of my family went in every other (Republican) direction. In 2012, they realize that he's the only candidate worth electing.

  4. @Robert- well, better late than never I suppose.