05 January 2012

Programming Note

As observant readers may have already noticed, I have made some tweaks to blog layout in the attempt to improve the aesthetics.  Most of the changes should be obvious, and have been done to reinforce the black and gray theme.  There's also an Amazon link on the top left for anyone who regularly shops there and would like to support the blog.  It won't cost you anything extra to do, and is obviously for a good cause (me).

I've also tweaked the comments system.  Any comment made on a post that is five days or older will be moderated.  I have managed to attract a couple of annoying spammers that troll my archive, and I don't want their crap on my blog.  Anyhow, if you comment on an older post and it doesn't appear right away, it's likely being moderated.  Also, I changed the comment form.  I assume it works as well or better than the prior setup, but I would like to know if anyone is having issues commenting.  There's an email link on my "About" page.

Finally, I thought I would open up my blogroll again.  If anyone would like a link, say so in the comments (and make sure to leave a URL if you're not linked to a Blogger profile).  If you're blogrolling me but I haven't reciprocated, let me know and I will add you.

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