19 January 2012

Welcome to the Club

A person who has previously guest-posted on this esteemed blog has gone into business for himself.  Here’s his most recent post:

The next news story to follow this: “Republicans blast Obama for not allowing big oil companies to cut through the middle of America with a pipeline.”  After all, it makes total sense to send oil 1,700 miles (that’s a full day—24 hours—of interstate driving if traveling 70 mph) from its source to have it refined.  I heard that’s how it works with dry cleaning: local shops ship all their clothing to Maine to have it cleaned and then sent back—oh, wait…that’s not how it works in Normalville.
The president pointed out that the Republicans made an arbitrary deadline for political purposes—old game, Dems just don’t like when the GOP plays it to their own satisfaction.  However, if the Republicans don’t even want to abolish the liberty-infringing regulations that create bureaucracy (and delays) for these sorts of projects, what gives them the right to say “tough luck” when the studies and reports aren’t done by the politically-motivated deadline?
And ultimately, this shenanigan is stupid: what the Republicans should do, if they wanted to solve a problem and not just play party politics, is simply remove the regulations and EPA restrictions which prevent companies from building refineries near the source of oil.  This would not only be more efficient for transporting oil and gas, but it will also provide jobs and drive down the price of gas, which can further open up the economy.  And Obama would suffer serious repercussions if he took action against building new refineries.  What’s his excuse, the refineries are worse than a pipeline bisecting the continent?

Anyway, feel free to check out the new blog and welcome Victor Delamente to the blogosphere.


  1. The ability to remove federal regs would do nothing to remove similar state regs and restrictions or to limit lawsuits that permit liberal judges to make arbitrary judgements for social justice.

    But it would be a step in th right direction.

  2. @Prof. Hale- While removing federal regs wouldn't remove state regs, it would force the states to find an optimal policy for balancing job growth and environmentalism. Oil companies are going to go to the most business friendly state, bringing jobs with them. Governors usually want to bring jobs to their states, and so will work to give oil companies an incentive to move. Perhaps the founding fathers were on to something with the idea of competing states...