15 February 2012

Dear Republican Party Bosses

Let’s cut the crap.

You want Mitt Romney to win the nomination.  Who can blame you?  After all, more than any other current GOP candidate, he’s the most inclined to support the status quo, fellate the banksters, and continue the panem et circenses that is the hallmark of American society.

Not only that, he’s presidential looking, has a nice family and doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet.  Every attempted media smear has backfired because Romney’s a nice guy.  Really, the only scandal facing Romney is that he is incredibly boring and safe.  He’s not a firecracker like Gingrich, he’s not stupid like Santorum, and he doesn’t actually want any real change like Ron Paul.  He’s predictable, and mind-numbingly so.  And that’s the worst that can be said about him.

I get it. Romney is your guy.  He’s safe, he’ll maintain GOP power, and he’s likable enough to beat Obama.  That’s why you, the GOP party bosses, want him.  But could you dispense with the pretext of democracy?

Look, no one likes him.  You and your media acolytes keep calling him the clear frontrunner—that’s been your hype, after all.  Yet, he’s only won four of the nine primaries/caucuses in which he’s participated.  He got more than fifty percent of the vote in just one state, and even then just barely.  No one likes him.

So, if you’re going to make him the nominee, regardless of the outcome, could you stop insulting us with this pretense of democracy?  You think he’s the best candidate, the best leader, the best fit for America, the best representative of Republican values.  Most Republicans disagree.  So cut the crap and stop acting like the GOP is party in a democratic country.

If you want Romney to be the GOP candidate, just go ahead and do it.  Quit making party members abase themselves in the futile attempt to appear like they’re participating in something meaningful.  Stop lying to us, stop insulting what little intelligence we have, and just govern by fiat.  Quit the charade of voting, quit the voter fraud, and just go ahead and make Romney the nominee.


Simon Grey

PS- One benefit of dispensing with the pretext of caring about what party members want is that Romney can go ahead and start using Bankster money to campaign against Barack Obama, which will then force Obama to start using Bankster money to campaign against Romney.  That’s the great thing about American democracy:  no matter how the votes are tallied in November, the banks always win.  Anyhow, let’s just go ahead and dispense with the charade.

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