14 February 2012

Electoral Shenanigans

Caucuses in Washington County that had been scheduled for Saturday were postponed until Feb. 18 because of a major snowstorm that blanketed the region. Earlier, party Executive Director Michael Quatrano said county officials had been told the results of that caucus would not count toward the total.

Incidentally, Ron Paul polled very well in Washington County.  And, given the low turnout of the state caucus, some have suggested that the results from Washington County alone would have been enough to tip the state his way.

That aside, it’s extremely troubling that the GOP is acting in this matter.  Suddenly deciding that some people’s votes don’t count is simply unbecoming.  Anyway, the lesson to take away from this is that party members’ votes will always count as long as members vote for the party boss’s preferred candidate.  And that’s how democracy works, folks.

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