11 February 2012

The Take Over, The Break’s Over

The Colorado teenager who made national headlines when her racy senior pictured was rejected by the editors of her school yearbook has been the victim of bullying and discrimination and will continue to fight after the school rejected a third photo and used her school ID photo instead, her mother says.
Miki Spies, the mother of Durango High School senior Sydney Spies, told Westword magazine that she and Sydney's father plan to file a complaint with the Durango, Colo., school board and superintendent in the hope that they "acknowledge that there's been a lot of mishandling of this situation."
"Sydney feels very bullied, by the entire school, basically," Spies, 44, told Westword. "The school has been awful and the kids have been awful. She's received very little support in any way from anybody. There's been a ton of cyber-bullying, where people can say whatever they want without looking the person in the eyes. It's been extremely hurtful for our entire family."

I hope the whole school continues to bully shame this little slut.  Frankly, it is not at all unreasonable for Sydney’s classmates to want to have their school represented well.  If this means precluding a slut from having her slutty, whorish, prostituting pictures precluded from the yearbook, then so be it.  If she wants to attention-whore, she can do what all high school attention whores do:  sign up for a Facebook page.

There’s more to life than oneself, as slutty Sydney has apparently yet to learn.  Her school picture does not only reflect on her, but on the whole school as well.  If her classmates don’t want a whore for a school mascot, that is certainly their prerogative.  Slutty Sydney needs to quit whining and just accept the fact that not everyone likes to be known for going to a school that has a serious prostitute problem.

In many ways, this smells just like a woman’s normal form of testing.  My hope is that school officials keep their balls and stand up to this little whore and continue to tell her no.  The whole world knows there is at least one slut at the school; what’s the point in making sure there’s permanent photo evidence of this?


  1. Before you get upset at my comment, look at my other comments on your blog...
    About 9 years ago, my teenage daughter came home from school expressing firm disapproval of the "sluts" in her class...
    I was incredulous. She never learned that kind of talk from me.. HER MOTHER, who was definitely... a slut by HER standards when I was in college...
    My own mother was a virgin when she was married at 32, in... 1952.
    Twenty years later, it was pretty hard to imagine remaining a virgin at 32, right ?? It was impossible to imagine for the teenager I was at the time...
    After 30 years of faithful marriage to the same man, I am still... A SLUT, if you look at my housework...(look up the word's etymology)
    Watching American men and women bash each other on the blogs is painful for me.
    Particularly when the outcome ALWAYS works against.. THE WEAKER SEX.
    Even now.
    Whatever happened to.. THE KNIGHTS IN SHINING ARMOR ??
    There is true nobility in that role.

  2. White Knights generally came to the aid of worthy women. Chivalric behavior and courtly love had a component of female duty to them, as well. The woman had to be worth fighting for, and surely there were some women from whom knights in the jousting yard did not want favors.

    Sydney Spies does not appear to be worthy of anyone's effort. She didn't want it before - she's got moxy ya know, and is strong and empowered and can stand up for herself, and no one can judge her - hence the racy photos. But guess what? She is being judged, and now she is not happy about it and wants someone to do something about it.

    She has all the power to stop this, if she would just take a photo that is demure enough to satisfy the yearbook requirements, and have her parents drop the issue.

    Of course, she does not have to fall within the boundaries set by the school and can live outside of the social norms if she chooses, but that has consequences (ergo this being "news"). What this is about is a minority of one trying to force the majority of everyone else to set aside their own views and accept her.

  3. @Debra- I'm not upset with your comments. If my comment policy is overly harsh, it is only that way in an attempt to ward off trolls, for whom I have very little patience.

    The reason for the word choice in this post is simply because it is an effective shaming technique. Ms. Spies is essentially having a society-wide shit test, and she needs to be told to shut up and act like a lady, which her apparently single mom is incapable of telling her. Incidentally, I am not concerned with origins of the word "slut," as I am using it in its modern meaning.

    As for the knights in shining armor, they went the way of the virginal maidens. If the women want to claim the privileges associated with being the weaker sex, they need to also assume the duties attached to it, such as not acting like a whore, slut, or prostitute.

    @Cranberry- Spot on. The consequences of Ms. Spies actions are entirely within her control. That she chooses to engage in behavior that has already been disapproved indicates that she is willing to bear the consequences of those actions. Should she decide she no longer desires those consequences, she can simply change her behavior.

  4. If I recall correctly, Miss Spies WOULD have been allowed to post her picture in the yearbook-provided she bought a PAID ADVERTISEMENT to do so! She could have plastered her slutty pic in the yearbook; she just would have had to pay to do so. BTW, it would have been cheaper and easier to do that than to make a legal case out of it. Methinks that there's a bigger, hidden agenda here...

  5. @MarkyMark- Ms. Spies behavior feels like a classic shit test. I suspect that she's trying to use this issue to get society to validate her sluttiness and attention-whoring.