01 March 2012

Game: So Easy a Girl Can Do It

Sofia has a remarkably funny post on online dating Game.  She is apparently quite good at it.  Some excerpts:

So, I created a fake online dating profile (as a man) for experimental purposes about an hour ago. In that time I’ve messaged maybe a dozen girls and have had a fairly successful response rate. The guy whose likeness I’m using is perfectly average looking, probably comparable to Roosh.
A couple things I learned:
Girls are completely homogeneous and predictable. You don’t even need to read their stupid, carefully cultivated profiles to send them messages. Here is an average female self-summary I’m spontaneously composing, for example: I’m a really fun-loving and adventurous (arbitrary adjectives that bear little actual meaning). I’m a huge foodie, and I love to travel. Likes include rainy days, hand-knitted mittens and live music. I’m looking for someone intelligent, funny and down to earth (grossly generalized categories).


If all else fails, being a dick works. I sent outright insulting messages that actually got decent feedback. For example, I modified Roosh’s tweet as an opener for girls with cropped haircuts: When I meet a girl who has short hair, I put a sympathetic look on my face and ask her if she recently had cancer. It couldn’t hurt.
ONE GIRL ENDED UP PROPOSITIONING ME FOR SEX. She was a 6.5 with potential. I did cocky-funny and it worked. She is giving me LMR at the moment (I think I fucked it up marginally after the proposition — forgive me! I’ve never swooped girls before). Also, I’ll give credit where credit is due: Aaron helped me come up with witty openers.

So if there are any men betas out there who still aren’t convinced about the efficacy of Game, this should pretty much serve as proof.  Also, as a man beta you should be ashamed of yourself if you are less attractive to women than a completely fake online dating profile.

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