02 March 2012

Masculine Style

Tanner has a blog call Masculine Style, dedicated to explaining the basics of, well, masculine style.  His blog fits nicely into the Game niche, albeit his focus on how clothes can complement one's Game.  I've added a link to his blog on my blogroll (right sidebar).

I've also submitted several pictures of my favorite outfits to his blog, and he has graciously posted them.  I don't normally comment on fashion or aesthetics at this blog, so it seemed to me that a post such as this would fit better at a blog dedicated to men's fashion. Anyhow, feel free to check out the post on my personal style, and comment there if you so desire.  I'll be checking in at Masculine Style periodically over the next couple of days, so if you have questions feel free to ask them in the comments at Masculine Style.  Also, add the blog to your RSS feed or bookmark it, as it is very much worth the time.


  1. The main problem I have with the whole "game" movement is that it's ridiculously self-conscious and humorless.

    Grow some muscles, have a decent amount of style, and try to get women laughing: that's game. Maintain male dominance throughout the entire lifespan of the relationship and your woman will love it.

    Game theorists spend so much time blogging about it and going back-and-forth with one-another in the comments you can tell they'll never overcome their mental hang-ups to truly be alpha. Alpha-male status is not a thing that requires conscious effort.

  2. Dude, did red blazers come back in style or have they never gone out of style? I always thought they look sharp, even more so when worn with dark slacks as you show.

    They were in style when I was in high school. Unfortunately, at the time they were worn with white pants or, even worse, plaid pants, naturally, with white shoes. (puke)

  3. @PRCalDude- Learning to play an instrument is generally also self-conscious and humorless, and also generates a lot of content for blog posts and discussion boards. This is because learning something new is usually difficult, and takes some getting used to before becoming second nature. Furthermore, some people adapt to it faster than others. This is true of Game.

    Yes, natural alphas do not generally act alpha consciously. And there are some people who have a natural knack for making music with an instrument. This does not mean that the instructions Game provides are worthless, just as it is absurd to claim that those who have no natural knack shouldn't bother with practice or seeking instruction.

    Growing muscles, having some style, and having a good sense of humor are indeed useful (though I would also make a point of emphasizing confidence as well). Unfortunately, many men lack these things, particularly a sense of humor. Most men have no idea how to make a woman laugh; most men have no idea how to tease women. That's why Game is so useful: If you don't have a natural knack for these sort of things, you can learn how to appropriate them, and practice them until they feel natural.

    I would know because I've done it. I used to have no idea how to talk to or tease women; now it's as natural to me as breathing. My style used to be quite boring; now I'm one of the best-dressed most women I run into will meet. I used to lack confidence when dealing with women; now I'm more calm and relaxed around them. This only came about through conscious practice, and I kept up at it until it became second nature to me.

  4. @Carnivore- Red blazers were probably a fad at one point. I'm technically wearing a camel hair sport coat, which is mostly intended for winter holiday wear. It is a classic piece for its purpose, but most men prefer more drab colors. I can't say for sure if it's in style. All I can say is that I like wearing it. I also have a red wool sport coat that's slightly darker in color that I pair with kahkis, a navy sweater, and a red/white/blue striped tie. If you like wearing red, get yourself a red jacket; it's that simple.

    By the way, white shoes are back. I have a pair of white leather driving loafers that I pair with dark jeans and a coral sweater for spring wear.

  5. PRCalDude.

    Some men are naturals most men are not. Those guys wanting help to improve are mislead by mainstream conceptions of femininity.

    The other thing is subtlety. A lot of men are totally clueless hen it comes to grasping the degree of the thing in question. Getting the "neg" right is a skill which a lot of guys can't master. To negative and you turn the girl off, not negative enough and it loses it effect. It needs to be spelled out in precision to some guys in order for them to "get it"

    It's the same with fashion. Sometime it's it's a fine line between well dressed and ridiculous.

  6. Well, OK, I'll give you the white shoes but please, no plaid pants. ;) The 1970's were the nadir of "masculine style".

  7. @SP- Very well said. Extremely precise instructions are very helpful for mastery when you do not have any natural inclination for something. Indeed, this was very much true for me when I first learned how to work on cars.

    @Carnivore- The 90s grunge was pretty terrible for male fashion. At least men knew how to peacock in the 70s.

  8. @Simon and TSP,

    You guys got game - "got it", so to speak - because you had it in you already. It wasn't natural to me either, but I figured things out along the way by trial-and-error.

    The guys on these blogs commenting back-an-forth endlessly are never going to get it because they have major character flaws (like pathological narcissim) that prevent them from learning it.

    It's not really that hard a thing to learn. The women that are too demanding in any of the categories I mentioned (physique, humor, style) are to be avoided like a brain tumor anyways. See: any of the women in the Federal capital.

    If you ask me, most of the comments of men on a lot of these game blogs come from absolute lunatics who are trying to revenge-fvck women to make up for past slights they've received from the female gender.

    Female standards are actually quite low. Good ones are looking for a guy who treats them decently, provides, and might make a good father. The guys on these blogs need to pay so much attention to game because they're signaling to women that they can't meet low these low standards.

  9. Visited and left a comment over there. I'll add to my link list.

  10. @PRCaldDude- Your comment merits its own post.

    @EW- thanks. Tanner's blog is definitely worth sharing with other men.