12 March 2012

“They Hate Us For Our Freedoms”

I think it’s time to dispense with this canard:

An American soldier opened fire on villagers near his base in southern Afghanistan Sunday and killed 16 civilians, according to President Hamid Karzai, who called it an "assassination" and furiously demanded an explanation from Washington. Nine children and three women were among the dead.

Yeah, those Middle Easterners hate because we’re free, not because we poke around in their affairs and then go about slaughtering their people.  It’s our freedoms that they hate; not our foreign policy.


  1. Too right, Simon. I grew tired of this phrase somewhere around my first year of high school in 1991, the first time we invaded Iraq. A girl in my class had a brother in the Corps and she beat that drum daily - her heroic brother was in Iraq, under fire, because he was defending our freedom from the haters. Sometimes when I look back it is no great wonder to me that I wandered through liberalism for so long, with peers and ideas like that surrounding me.

    But to the point, is it about time that the war in Afghanistan gives up the ghost? It is a failure, and on many levels political, economic, and as this incident demonstrates, moral. War is Hell, and this war is no longer necessary, our objective of routing al Queda accomplished and Bin Laden now dead. The rectitude of our soldiers is crumbling to mingle with the soil of an unconquerable land.

    Our freedoms mean nothing to the average Afghani, I imagine. I mourn this tragic event, but worse, I fear that no one will notice or care very much because it happened under Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Nobama's watch and is therefore OK.

    Also, cue story as to soldier's Christian conservative background and corresponding low IQ, etc...is there anything that will not be trotted out to excuse the administrations decision to continue the occupation?

  2. The loss of life is very regrettable. Didn't need to happen and it shouldn't have.

    We just need to leave. Right. Now.

    Oh, and you're right. They don't hate us for our freedoms. I suspect that what we call freedom they call licentiousness. And they wouldn't be far off. Viewed from an Afghan context, the behavior of American men and especially women (as portrayed in the media) is shockingly slutty and sexually aggressive. Even the comparatively sexually brazen Hindu women in nearby India are prudes by comparison.

    They hate us because we're infidels, infidels who also happen to export our vulgar culture with us everywhere.

    Last, I note that it was in Kandahar / Helmand province where those 3-4 Army bubbas were busted for posting pix depicting them urinating on Talib corpses.

    Not a lot of love lost in those parts, methinks.

  3. Afghanistan was always going to be a lost cause. The American military at large simply doesn't have the barbaric ruthlessness that the ancient Romans had where they slaughtered the entire local population or enslaved it before moving in. The only way a region like Afghanistan was going to be pacified was with a campaign of annihilation, which isn't what the U.S. engages in.

    Needless to say, this soldier murdering over a dozen civilians is likely to cause another explosion of violence in that country. Whatever benefit we were supposed to get from being there has been effectively nullified in recent weeks. Thousands of American soldiers gave their lives for this cause, and for what? Does any American honestly give a damn about Afghanistan? Would anyone be willing to send their son, on their own, to that country to die for it so that the Afghans could have democracy?

  4. They've done far worse to us than urinate on our soldier's bodies, Elusive; considering the fact of child brides, they don't have much room complaining about our sexual deviancy, do they? Shrouding sickness with veils and robes doesn't kill it.

    I think they do hate us for our policies, not just foreign but also for our Christ and our greater power in the world; they believe the children of Allah should rule. What that crazy man did was horrific and only increases the wariness of the Easterners to foreignors. For everyone's sake, we're long overdue to leave. I didn't like some of our actions over there after 9/11, and I don't like our presence there now; it's bad enough that trained men die for nothing without adding unarmed women and children to the mix. I remember a girl too in school, whose brother or cousin was in the war. She wanted him to come home.

  5. @Cranberry- I suspect that the media will pull out all the stops to defend the president's decision to continue this quagmire.

    @EW- I tend to doubt that liscentiousness is as much of a reason; it seems like more of a rationalization, for reasons that Jennifer pointed out. Also, if our decadence were such an issue, why did they attack our center of commerce and center of martial command instead of, say, Las Vegas or Hollywood?

    @DW- in addition, Afghanistan is a ridiculously tough place to bring into control. I think Elusive Wapiti did a review on a military history of Afghanistan that says as much. Still, you are correct in noting that America does not have the stomach for the sort of conflict that would enable us to win.

    @Jennifer- Seems like Moslem men have a tendency to project a bit, in regards to their sexual purity laws.

  6. Their eyes reveal it - what we are doing to our young men because of this 'war on terrorism' nonsense:

    Some of the changes are more obvious than others in the photos. Oh, and many of these hardened men are coming soon to a police department near you and me.

  7. @Carnivore- Well, at least we haven't had anyone attack us here ever since we started fighting them over there. Oh wait...