11 May 2012

Congratualtions, Chuck!

G.L. Piggy Chuck Rudd Ross has made it big time, getting a piece published on alt-right e-zine TakiMag.  This is due in no small part to his excellent coverage of the Trayvon Martin scandal.  It also helps that he is both readable and interesting.  Anyway, check the piece out, and make sure to bookmark or subscribe to his blog (it's one of my daily reads, FWIW).

Again, congratulations Chuck!


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  2. Firepower has a point.

    The Manosphere is becoming redundant.

    Plus, Chuckie--now that he's hit the "big time"--looks as if he's starting to pull punches.

    Time to explore other avenues.

    ...alphas who can pull submissive hotties are not the ones going on a marriage strike. Rather, it is the lower betas—either the ones who were at one point married to ugly, contentious hellcats or those whose market value was so low they couldn’t even get the attention of even the ugliest, most contentious hellcats—who are calling for a strike.

    Well said. This is one of the more perceptive remarks I've read this week, and strikes at the heart of the problem.

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  4. @Firepower- Perhaps I don't read enough, but I've never actually seen that many articles on why African studies is bad. Most of what I see among more mainstream outlets (e.g. Clarey's book on college majors) is that those studies, as part of the broader humanities studies, is simply worthless, in the sense of not helping your career. The only places that really decry African studies as stupid are mostly racist sites. Arguing that African studies are worthless on their own merits, or arguing that they are wrong on their merits strikes me as being relatively novel approaches, and more likely to enter the mainstream.

    As for my blogroll, it is what it is. Feel free to ignore it if it bothers you.

    As for others writing it better, Limbaugh's most recent book is over 15 years old, and his newsletter hasn't ouched on the subject much in recent years. I also don't hear him talk on African studies much anymore, and he kind of dances around race. This seems to have taken place since the unfortunate Michael Vick incident. Anyhow, I would not look to him to lead people to a post-race-baiting society. Coulter likewise.

    Buchanan is good, but he is being ostracized by the media, and his age is leading to diminished direct influence. It would be helpful if someone could replicate his stances in more academic terms, which is what Chuck is essentially doing.

    @LBF- I'm not fond of the manoshphere because it seems to be one big circle jerk of misery. I don't read the Spearhead or other sites generally devoted to men's issues (with IMF being one exception). I prefer to discuss economics and politics, with some dabbling in gender roles and sociology, plus whatever assorted miscellany amuses me. But yes, your point on redundancy is taken, and I try to make a point to avoid it. Especially when it comes to race. I have more interesting things to write about.

    As for pulling punches, though, I can't really fault him. you have to know your audience, and he's no longer preaching to the choir. And if he's going to convert people to the church of HBD, it would probably be a good idea if didn't sound like a crazy person or a jackass.

    Also, thanks for getting the point of my other post. It seems a lot of people don't seem to understand that a woman strike is simply not going to work all that well or for very long.

    @Firepower- I can be loquacious at times. Also, I was trying to play nice.

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  6. @Firepower- Offense wasn't intended. Just wanted to make sure I was being clear.

    I've read both of Rush's books (probably when I was 13 or 14, so several years ago), but I don't remember what he said specifically. I've read some Krauthammer and Thomas, but I don't recall anything they've said on the matter. have not Will or Sobran, or many other right-wing pundits.

    Race shouldn't be that big of a deal, yet it is. Everything is repeated ad nauseum by the right because the left keeps trotting out the same nonsense over and over. Ignoring it doesn't seem likely to make it go away, so countering it with sound logic and facts seems like the best option. And, given the nature of the modern meme culture, wherein people cycle through new interests in nanoseconds, it doesn't seem to do that much harm to keep recycling stuff. The leftists and race baiters keep trotting out the same old dogma; it should make sense that the HBD/race realists keep responding in kind. At this point, the hope is to simply cease losing ground to the race baiters and their ilk.

    I should point out that I was more acknowledging the fact the Chuck Ross was published in TakiMag than I was acknowledging that he was writing about race. The post congratulating him would have occurred regardless of the subject.

    By the way, what actions would you recommend to get the issue of black studies to go away? We all know why race studies are bad, how do we get them to disappear?

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  8. Firepower hunts down every mention of my name on every other blog orbiting Roissy/Steve Sailer all in the hopes of pointing out that I'm not relevant or original. That may be true, but one wonders why he spends so much time on the topic then.

    Plus, in my own defense, I've never pretended that I'm doing anything that deserves high praise. I'm just doing what I like to do, day in and day out, and I hope to always get better at it. I'm 30 years old; I hope to be on a completely different level by the time I'm 40. Who knows if it will happen. I'm just not sure why Firepower is so concerned with that though, and why he wants to be a roadblock. Actually, roadblock is too strong a word. More like an errant cigarette butt flung from a car 10 lengths ahead. A minor nuisance and momentarily annoying, but nothing more. So that's where he is.

  9. Calm down, Chuck, you're overreacting. I don't think Firepower was targeting you specifically, he was just pointing out that most of the big stuff has already been said, and unless you have some new angle of approach or can say it better and with more bite, then there is really very little point in you repeating the same old things over and over. I have to say I am somewhat sympathetic to what Firepower is saying - the alt-right is sort of stuck in a rut. Most of the blogs just say the same things over and over again. There is very little development and growth. You say you want to be on a whole other level by age 40, but if the rest of the alt-right is any measure, you will probably be writing the same old things, in the same old way.

    At this point it just makes more sense to pour our energies into organizing more practical efforts and getting things done, not recruiting the latest guy who likes to blog into saying something that has been said with more skill and humour by others. Just my two cents.