23 May 2012

David Frum, Liberal

It’s not news, I know, but how else to explain this:

Yet there was something also very weird about his termination. The feelings that John Derbyshire ventilated—where did they come from? Yes, some of them are common prejudices, such as rattle around in many of our heads. But others were so very highly specific. The belief that the country is pulsing with potential "flash mobs," ready to erupt at any moment? That black people form a new privileged caste in America?
Just yesterday morning, I invested a few minutes to take the temperature of local talk radio. I heard the host deliver a rant about how terribly unfair and one-sided the media are, culminating in the outright declaration: "We [meaning conservatives, or maybe Republicans] are the new blacks." Meaning, presumably, that blacks are the new whites.

First, blacks are observably a privileged class in America.  There is plenty of proof of this.  Affirmative action, most welfare programs, diversity training, black studies, the current attempted Crucible-ing of George Zimmerman, and so on.  Quite simply, the race-baiters in America—think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Cornel West, the NAACP, and their ilk—have made careers out of exploiting white guilt.  All across the US, whites are punished for the deeds of people that have long since died for what happened to blacks. Meanwhile, blacks behave in the vilest of ways, and no one says anything because it’s suddenly racist to report that blacks commit an extremely large amount of race-based crimes.  Additionally, blacks underachieve in education and employment, in spite of having billions of dollars tossed their way and in spite of affirmative action.  They are given many, many privileges and they squander every last one of them.  These aren’t opinions; these are facts.  Blacks are privileged because they receive lots of government money and have their social dysfunctions ignored and excused.  It’s not racist to note this.

In the second place, white, particularly those who are male and conservative, have been treated like shit for the past couple of decades.  They are constantly mocked and derided, even though they don’t go around killing each other, and even though they are productive.  But now, they get treated as second-rate ctizens, and are viewed with hostility.  Even someone who is half-Jewish, half-Hispanic is convicted of a hate crime by the MSM simply because he shot a young black wannabe thug; and this happens before all the facts are out.  Quite simply, being white is not exactly a privilege, and certainly not to the extent that being black is.

Finally, ignoring these realities doesn’t do anyone any good.  Policies base on myths are worthless and doomed to failure.  And while reality may not always be enjoyable, it is essential to deal with it and not feel-good myths.  Unfortunately, the reality is that blacks have for years now been using white guilt to absolve themselves of their dysfunction, and to use the government to provide them with unearned money.  This does not bode well for the future because there is no way that blacks and whites will view each other with trust, particularly if one side wants to keep having its dysfunction socialized.


  1. I am just so very tired of feeling guilty that it just doesn't work on me anymore. It was a very effective short term strategy, but it has worn out.

  2. Zimmerman is not half-Jewish. His father is German Catholic, and his mother is Peruvian. Gawd, I thought everyone knew this already.

  3. @TGaPO- It's amazing that race-baiters haven't figured out how terrible a long-term strategy playing on people's guilt can be. Especially when the guilt isn't merited.

    @sestamibi- duly noted.