16 May 2012

What Woman Needs Her Own Husband When They Have A Leftist President?

There is a barf-worthy piece of politicking propaganda called “The Life of Julia” that details how Obama has helped to expand the scope of the state such that women are now taken care of by taxpayers from the cradle to the grave.  I notice that he does not have a similar site targeting male voters.  There are two observations to be drawn from this.

First, feminism is pretty much complete.  At this point, women don’t really have a direct need for men, aside from the obvious.  And even then, there are substitutes.  The government now pays for whatever needs they may have from the cradle to the grave, thus ensuring that women can forego getting married to nice, stable, provider males, and thus ensuring the collapse of civilization.  Good going feminists!  Hope you’re proud of yourselves!

Second, there should not be any doubt that the police state and socialism are what happens when women have a say in political matters.  Both are predicated on a desire to feel safe and secure.  Unfortunately, neither safety nor security are absolute.  There will always be some degree of risk and uncertainty in life, and anyone who promises to eliminate it is a liar.  Furthermore, the feeling of safety is nothing more than an illusion, temporary and fleeting, and subject to occasional cessation.  Quite simply, the feeling of safety is not the same as actual safety.  Women, being more concerned with how they feel than with reality, are the thus the primary reason why social spending and security theater are given more prominence in this day and age.  It is always nice to feel that if one’s dreams don’t work out, at least there will be a safety net around.

The obvious solution to this problem is forbid women from voting, but this is easier said than done.  The easier thing to do is let this play out, allow the leviathan state to collapse upon itself, and then dispense with voting altogether in a new totalitarian regime, which is inevitable anyway.


  1. A master is what every woman wants deep down after all.

  2. @Jen-Luc LeGame- and if she can't be mastered by a man, she will be mastered by the state. That's probably why feminism and totalitarianism go hand-in-hand.