10 July 2012

Reporting the Obvious

It appears that not everyone who fails to accomplish their goals copes well with their failures:
A new study hints at the devastating psychological effects of infertility: Women who want to become mothers but are unable to bear children are more than twice as likely to end up hospitalized for alcoholism, and 47 percent more likely to require medical treatment for schizophrenia.
Women be crazy, especially if they’re unable to have children.  Now, I’m not sure the alcoholism angle is all that newsworthy, seeing as how getting smashed is a time-honored way of dealing with any and all forms of disappointment and personal failure.  I’m also not sure what to make of the claims of increased schizophrenia, as the person writing the news story was apparently too stupid to provide the point of comparison.  The writer must have been a journalism major.
Here, by the way, is the punchline:
"I was aware that women who were unable to have children were not happy and had difficulty with their ongoing lives, but these results are really shocking," Dr. Allan Pacey, chairman of the British Fertility Society, told The Telegraph. "I think it illustrates my personal frustration with all those people who say infertility isn't a disease and it shouldn't be funded because having a baby is a lifestyle choice."
Infertility is not a disease as much as it is a state of being, and often a dynamic one at that.* The vast majority of women will be fertile for a significant portion of their respective lives.  Thus, women who want to be mothers should make a point of, say, trying to get pregnant while they are biologically capable of doing so.

More to the point, it is simply sad how motherhood has been denigrated for the past several decades.  Most women, from what I can gather, want to be mothers.  However, thanks to the magic of feminism, they have been told to suppress their natural urges and be more like men by pursuing stupid, pointless, unproductive careers and putting off motherhood because it will hurt their career opportunities.  This penis envy has resulted in economic retardation, and has made a large number of women unnecessarily miserable.  Why can’t people simply accept that men and women are not equal, and do not have equal roles, desires, motivations, or abilities?  This constant pursuit of the obviously false notion of equality is making people miserable and destroying society in the process.

I think it is time for feminists, in the name of women’s health and sanity, to fight for women’s right to be women.  Maybe then there won’t be so many women who are depressed and/or crazy about squandering their opportunity to take their natural role as mothers.

* For example, most females are infertile prior to puberty and after menopause.  One lesson to be drawn from this is that women might want to make plans to bear children during their fertile years, instead of waiting until they are staring at the proverbial biological wall.

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