25 October 2012

Hotel America

The State Department no longer wants you to tell the passport examiner about the circumstances of your circumcision, but does still want to know the dates and locations of all of your mother’s pre- and post-natal medical appointments, how long she was hospitalized for your birth, and a complete list of everyone who was in the room when you were born. The revised forms no longer ask for all the addresses at which you have lived, but only for those addresses you are least likely to know: all the places you lived from birth until age 18.

For those who have passports, my recommendation is to leave America posthaste.  Pretty much anywhere will be better than America in fairly short order, at least as freedom is concerned, and even insofar as economics is concerned.  For those who don’t have passports, my advice is to steal a page from the Mexicans and just start immigrating illegally.  Canada (or literally any other country on earth) would be a better place to be once America gets its Stalingrad on its complete, unfettered glory.

* Yes, the title of this post is a reference to the greatest Eagles’ song ever.

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