12 November 2012

A Trend Too Late

Josh Hedlund at PostLibertarian reports that the GOP is slowly becoming more libertarian/paleo-conservative.  I suppose that this is a good trend, though it’s developing a bit late.  The GOP was hijacked by neo-cons who are now, a la Hannity, embracing leftist policy like a college freshman with a raging hard-on embraces a slutty drunk chick at the welcoming party.  There are really only two ways for things to go at this point:  neo-cons continue to dominate the GOP, and turn it into Democrat-Lite, or the neo-cons migrate back to the Democrat party where they belong and let the libertarians and Paleo-Cons keep the GOP for themselves.  This current election hints that the latter is starting to happen, but frankly it’s too soon to tell.  Sadly, we’ll be out of time before we can tell.

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