08 November 2012

Election 2012: Gay Marriage

Washington legalized gay marriage. But really, who cares? Either marriage is fundamentally a government institution, or it is not. If it is, then no consenting adult should be forbidden from entering into marriage under whatever contractual constructs he, she, or it wants to set up. And if it is not, then the government has no business being involved with marriage. Really, the most illogical view is to say that marriage is fundamentally a government institution and that consenting adults should not be free to enter into it as they please.


  1. Why limit it to just consenting adults? If marriage is such a god thing for society, then everyone ought to be able to get some even if they won't consent. Just like health insurance.

    You are obviously on the wrong wide of history. Just like when you wouldn't let the black people vote.


  2. @Prof. Hale- just to clarify, "consenting adults" refers to adults who are of sound mind (basically men and like 50% of women. Kidding.) One doesn't necessarily have to give consent to be consenting, since "consenting," in this context, refers to capacity and not necessarily exercise.