12 November 2012


Debra Saunders:
As Rosenberg investigated driver Roberto Galo's background, he discovered that San Francisco's sanctuary-city policies have served as an enabler for dangerous drivers.

Rosenberg sees his son's death as highly preventable. Five months earlier, San Francisco police stopped Galo for driving the wrong way on a one-way street and driving without a license. The city even impounded his Chevrolet -- the car that later would kill Drew Rosenberg -- which a friend recovered and then released to Galo.

I write "even impounded" because, though it is illegal to drive without a license, in 2009 then-Mayor Gavin Newsom implemented a policy to allow unlicensed drivers stopped by police to avoid an automatic impoundment of their cars if a licensed driver could drive them away. Police Chief (now the district attorney) George Gascon told the San Francisco Chronicle's Phil Matier and Andrew Ross, "We recognize that this is a problem within the Hispanic community, where people working here can't get a driver's license because of their immigration status."
So Sauders is upset because some Latino killed a whitey. So, the solution is more and tighter regulation regarding the operation of a motor vehicle.
This is a dumb policy. In the first place, driving laws are unconstitutional. In the second place, driving laws are a violation of the right of self-ownership. In the third place, no number of laws, and no increased stringency of laws will ever prevent tragedy with 100% efficacy; at some point enough is enough. In the fourth place, driving regulations are no substitute for immigration policy.

Look, everyone knows immigrants from third-world countries are terrible drivers. I’ve been to India, and I know from first-hand experience just how terrifying foreign drivers can be. So, if you don’t want terrible third-world drivers on your roads, don’t allow them in the country in the first place.

Incidentally, this is another reason why modern conservatism is doomed to fail: the leaders of the conservative movement keep selling out their followers. Here, Saunders basically wants to give the government more power, making life more onerous for the white “middle class,” while trying to get a dig at Mexicans without coming right out and complaining about immigration. It’s an unwinnable position because Mexicans are not going to suddenly start liking a conservative lady because she just sold out her buddies in order to not have to criticize immigration policies. And conservatives are going to hate her because she just sold them out.

Really, it’s a lose-lose for everyone involved, except third-world immigrants. Fortunately, though, they should be productive enough to make every American independently wealthy. Or something like that.

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