30 December 2012

An Unsuccessful Shooting Spree

A man who had been arrested for allegedly stalking an ex-girlfriend overpowered an officer inside a police station, grabbed her gun and shot her and two other officers before being killed by police early Friday, authorities said.
All three wounded officers were expected to recover.
Eddie Jones III, 39, of Willingboro, overpowered Officer Ruth Burns inside the station in Gloucester Township, a Philadelphia suburb, police said. He fired at her and two officers who had been in a nearby room and came rushing to aid their colleague. The two officers fired on Jones, killing him.

While I generally think police officers are more deserving of being shot to death than the average elementary school student, I don’t find it all that surprising that an attempt at massacring a bunch of cops in a police station failed so miserably.  For starters, the potential targets are all armed, and have some training in how to use their weapons.  Furthermore, a good number of them are criminal thugs, which means they are not as inhibited when it comes to killing others.  Thus, only a suicidal fool would try to shoot up a police station, and only an insane person would think that he could succeed at such an attempt.

As an aside, it’s interesting to note that the would-be shooter was only able to even have a shot at killing a bunch of police officers because he managed to first overpower a female officer.  Since men and women are equally capable at everything, except in those areas where women excel, it’s obvious that the would-be killer only overpowered the female officer and grabbed her gun because he had the element of surprise.

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