19 December 2012

“Come At Me, Bro,” Says School to Potential Shooters

A sixth-grader at West Kearns Elementary School near Salt Lake City, Utah, brought a gun to school on Monday, saying he wanted to protect himself and his friends after Friday's shooting in Newtown, Conn.
He "continues to assert that he brought the weapon to protect himself and his friends from a 'Connecticut-style [shooting],'" Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsley said.
Two of the 11-year-old's classmates told their teacher on Monday afternoon that the student had a gun. The teacher immediately "apprehended" the student and contacted the authorities, Horsley said. The boy is being charged with one count of possession of a firearm on school property and three counts of aggravated assault, for allegedly threatening some of his classmates.
He will be charged in the juvenile system and eventually will be transferred to another school.

What a kid!  There are grown men who lack the balls possessed by this kid.  Sure, they’re alleging he threatened his classmates (probably by simply mentioning he had a gun).  But given that he didn’t, you know, shoot up the school might indicate that perhaps he really was concerned about defending himself and was not all that inclined to shoot up the school.  What this sixth grade boy understands—and apparently some leftist idiots/wimps are too stupid/weak to understand is that guns help keep people safe.  It’s not just a coincidence that mass murders don’t occur at gun shows.  And it’s not a coincidence that murderous psychopaths choose schools as their targets.  After all, schools are basically telling would-be murderers, “hey, we just got rid of the very people who would stop you were you to come and attack the school; why don’t you come on in and make yourself comfortable?”


  1. Whatever happened to the legal principle that children under a certain age were not accountable under the law because they were incapable of understanding the consequences of their actions or of availing themselves of the protections affoded to them in the Constitution (like due process and unreasonable search and seizure protections)?

    There is no reason for him to be charged at all. The police, prosecutors and judges in this are all incompetent twits if this goes to trial.

    I suspect the parents will also face stiff penalties.

    --Prof Hale

  2. Whoa now, Prof. Hale! You're ruining the precedent for 'youth re-education centers'.

  3. @Prof. Hale- I believe that legal principle was rendered null, on account of it conflicting with the gun control narrative.