08 December 2012

Feminism V. The Patriarchy

Gee this story sounds familiar:

Undergraduates have traditionally pulled pints or waited tables to pay their way through university, but a growing body of research suggests that a significant number are now turning to sex work to make ends meet.

The rise in fees which will see some students graduate with projected debts of up to £53,000 at the end of their course is being blamed for persuading young women and men to take up pole dancing, escort work or even prostitution. Experts say that university welfare officers are largely ignorant of the growing phenomenon and poorly equipped to deal with issues arising from young people’s involvement.

Under the evils of the patriarchy a woman could only reasonably expect to escape living with her parents by getting a man to provide for her.  This was usually accomplished by the woman promising sex in exchange for access to a man’s resources.  Of course, the problem with this system was that a woman would to (gasp!) have sex with a man who may not be the most attractive man in the world (the horror!) in exchange for his (oh-so-attractive) resources.*

Fortunately, feminism has solved this problem by enabling women to achieve independence from their parents by getting men to pay her money in exchange for sex.  What a deal!  It’s so different** from the old one!

Now, either feminists are the world’s worst thinkers (sex in exchange for resources? Who ever could have imagined such a thing?) or the problem that women face (having to exchange sex for resources that they can’t readily acquire for themselves) can’t ever be ameliorated.  I’ll leave it to the reader to decide which is the case.

* Now, I ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger

** Of course, by “different” I mean “worse,” because under the old system women would at least generally be guaranteed that at least one man would actually care about her after she hit the wall.


  1. Gold. Rebolog scheduled for tomorrow.

  2. The worst part? The degrees the women are going after are probably completely and utterly useless, not worth the paper they are printed on. Soft subjects like Gender studies, english and the like. At least a whore buys stuff that is actually worth something (food, water, shelter, clothing, drugs...)

  3. @EW- Thanks.

    @Anon.- worthless in what sense? If you want credentials to impress an employer, any degree will do, unless you plan on going into a rigorous or demanding field (i.e. a STEM field). Since most women don't generally want a STEM job, but rather something less rigorous, any credentials will do, especially if said credentials aren't particularly difficult (in the sense of requiring lots of intellectual power). The job a woman can get with her credentials will generally take care of her food, water, shelter, clothing, drugs, and contraception.

  4. Apparently the jobs won't cover contraception or we wouldn't have Sandra Fluke and Lena Dunhamn (each of whom makes multiples of the median man) complaining the gov't or business have to buy her contraceptives because of costs.

  5. @Herb Nowell- remember, though, that shit tests often have very little in common with reality.