14 December 2012

What is the Deal?

Why is this story such a big deal?
Jacintha Saldanha, the London nurse who killed herself after she answered a radio-station prank call about Kate Middleton, was found hanging from the neck, and left three notes, according to the coroner's officer.
There is no suspicion of foul play in Saldanha's death, Harman said. Investigators are still trying to piece together exactly what led to her suicide, and are now interviewing her friends, family and co-workers to find more information, Harman said.
I keep seeing this story pop up on my Yahoo page when I log into my email, and I keep seeing it on news sites. Why does anyone care? Is it because she’s connected to the queen’s pregnancy? Do people think this is because she got pranked? And why does this suicide merit more coverage than, say, Thomas Ball’s? What is the fascination here?

I mean, I simply don’t get it. It’s tenuously connected to the royal family, and isn’t associated with bullying, at least if news reports are to be believed. Is this some sort of smear campaign? If anyone can explain why this story is getting so much play, I’d appreciate it.


  1. It's because the media are a feminised bunch of lovies, and their readers love the Duchess of Cambridge because they're predominantly women who belong to the chattering class, the middle-class, hence the obsession with the class and the Royal family in general. They love to pretend that they 'know' someone from the upper class; it's probably something related to hypergamy, love of the superior or some such.

    Have you also noticed how they call her 'Kate' rather than Katherine or the Duchess of Cambridge, like they're are friends with her or something?

    As for why they make such a big thing about the nurse-woman killing herself, it's because she had a relationship with 'Kate' (pregnant Kate I might add, you know how much women love to talk about pregnant women), and because she's a woman, and the media are feminine and anti-male (noticed how they obsess over male paedophiles but never females ones? And how they highlight female suicides but never male ones, even though 4-5 times as many men commit suicide than women?)

    When you place it along side the paedohysteria surrounding Jimmy Saville, the whole thing is just an indictment of the pro-woman anti-male memes that infest the modern media outlets. It's disgusting. Even more so that households in the UK have to pay £140/annum for the BBC to broadcast such bile. Long live the blogosphere.

  2. It's sort of related to bullying - they pulled a trick on her. Plus it's useless diversion news - the MSM always has to have some drivel with which to distract the masses, and then continually play it up.

    While the TB suicide could have been used for that purpose, it would not have been a diversion but would have spotlighted issues which do not fit any of the memes of our ruling elite.

  3. @Anonymous- That makes sense. I wasn't sure if it was the normal nonsense about the royal family and America's weird infatuation with them. The connection seemed more tenuous than it really was, at least to me.

    @Carnivore- I had wondered if it was bullying related, but everything I read said that the suicide was not in connection to bullying. The insinuation was that it was connected to bullying, but frankly the signals seemed mix and now I'm not sure.