09 January 2013


Chuck on rape statistics.  An excellent post that really caps off the subject.  (On an unrelated note, it seems increasingly obvious to me that Chuck is becoming about as interesting and informative as Steve Sailer, and I mean this as a compliment.  His coverage of the Trayvon Martin case wa impeccable, and his research into this current rape stats debate is simply impressive.)

Vox on Adam Lanza. It appears that Lanza may not have used a rifle at all during his attack at Sandy Hook.  The long gun was apparently a shotgun, and it appears that the police have been bungling the evidentiary chain of command.  This smells increasingly like a coverup.

Steve Sailer on academic specialties.  This post seems to reinforce the notion that feminism is nothing more than penis envy.  Steve notes that women tend to specialize in specific types of academic research, a good number of which are actually beneficial, even though they are distinctly female-oriented in interest.  As Steve also points out, it's not at all obvious that society would be better off encouraging women to work in male-dominated research fields that women have no interest in when the alternative is to have women contribute productively in research fields that they are interested in.

"The Builder" by Dr. Eric Stratton (aka Ulysses).  A well-timed reminder that, for most men, the only legacy they will leave to this world is genetic, by which I mean children. Sure, work seems important now, but most men will simply not accomplish much of import in the marketplace.  What a shame it would be to fail to accomplish something with one's offspring as well.

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  1. The fact that Lanza left a shotgun in his trunk does not tell us anything about whether he had a rifle inside the school. I own three long guns. Lots of people own multiple long guns. If I take up skeet this spring, I'll have four.