25 May 2013

The Problem of Responsibility

Society needs responsible men and men need responsibility. The obvious solution is for society to start giving young men responsibility, full responsibility. Give him his own part of life to have dominion over; give him a domain.

The whole post is worth reading, but I want to focus on this part in particular.  The problem of this modern time is that everyone demands that men be responsible, but they do not give him the freedom attendant with responsibility.  Running your own business is a crushing task in this modern age, thanks to taxes, mandatory health insurance, and the myriad costs associated with regulatory compliance (hence, as Vox notes, the decline of entrepreneurship).  Entering into a civil union is fraught with financial risk. Raising children to have any sort of independence and competence basically requires homeschooling and decoupling from modern culture, and is generally frowned on by the state.  Any man that wishes to take on any sort of real responsibility faces the strong possibility of jail time for violating any number of trivial offenses, not to mention the possibility of economic ruin in the event of making one minor mistake.

Of course, there is always the option to enjoy the pretense of responsibility by taking on a grinding, parasitic corporate job and slaving away at the sort of relationship that is passed off as husbandry and fatherhood.  In this version of life, you spend the bulk of your days at the office doing meaningless “work” to give lots of money to your wife and kids so that they can engage in petty status games.  This is the essence of feminine behavior, which is why women tend to be drawn to fields that require lots of petty paperwork.

Obviously, acting like a woman is not something a good number of men want to do, and so the calls for “manning up,” which are actually calls for men to take on the pretense of responsibility, remain unheeded.  Unfortunately, in ignoring the calls to take on the pretense of responsibility, men are starting to ignore the calls to take on actual responsibility.

In many ways, it’s difficult to blame young men for not wanting to make their own way in the world.  Thanks to nigh-unstoppable creep of government regulation and storm-trooper heavy-handedness, it’s difficult for any man to make decisions for himself without worrying whether he’ll end up facing massive fines or jail time.  Nonetheless, the responsibility that all men face—to be spiritual leaders and providers of their own families—remains fully intact, and the mere fact that it is more difficult to accomplish this call does not negate its existence or men’s amenability to it.  Just because it might be more difficult than ever to make your own way in the world does not mean that you have a free pass to spend the rest of your life in your parents’ basement playing video games.  It means you need to work hard.

If this sounds difficult and unpleasant, it’s because it is.  But responsibility remains a reward unto itself.  Therefore, it is up to each male to decide whether he will shirk his duty, or whether he will be a man.  Hopefully enough males will decide to be men, and perhaps we can have a masculine revolution.